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Tau another episode of dumb people town population. You relation jeremiah. Standup jeremiah watkins. What's up buddy. I did your twitter. It's great thank you i appreciate. Yeah yeah my birth name is now jeremiah stand. I think it just calls me that. It's really awkward handle we were. We were doing one of those Stereo apps shows. You're kind enough to leave us voicemails and someone asked us what we missed most and it was hanging out with you said that afterwards. I don't know if you've got listening. But we said we missed three of our favorite shows in the world. The goddamn comedy. Jam kill tony. Cause i you know what i love about actually is the hangs. I love the hangs late at night but then i also love the like quick in passing. Hand your friends that you haven't seen and jeremiah. I saw each other in the registration hotel. And i think you had just flown in from new york you to be in austin for twelve hours and then you were flying back to new york or satirical and we'd like those moments when people like what do you like. That's the shit. I miss of like. Whoa like. hey and then later. Right like i mean even warming up for the jam and singing our song and just goofing around with you kill tony. Another one rose battle of course and stand up on the spot. These are all like four of our my favorite shows. That aren't straight stand of shows to do and you are the constant in all of them. Brother they're fun theme shows. Yeah i'm happy to be a part of a lot of different shows. so yeah it's cool and Did i ever tell you guys. I don't know if i ever mentioned to you that. I almost die aid trying to reach out to you. Guys jason and randy moon tower. O when what. I was literally i just gotten daniel. You talk about like get it. Being excited like seeing people at festivals. i literally had. We just got off the plane. And we're like checking in a couple years ago moon tower in austin and i literally didn't look across the street from traffic or anything. I see jason randy across the street. And i go. I literally said a lot of go. Sklar brothers and i started walking out in the street. semi Josh meyers polls the back of my shirt as a semi comes by you bid a just jerry. And of course he'll never let you forget that he saved your life so that's list get live back.

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