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Next report ten twenty three WBZ's traffic on the threes WBZ news time ten fourteen and now the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast here's an update from curator meteorologist dean devore's summers back here especially inland areas this afternoon get up in the low even some middle nineties in some spots who this afternoon mostly sunny breezy hot and humid mid eighties for highs on the Cape humid tonight sticky with a down into the. Low to mid seventy s more clouds and clouds some sunny breaks tomorrow will keep temperatures in the upper eighties inland low eighties on the coast and Cape with some showers thunderstorm, activity in the afternoon and into Saturday nights still a couple of showers and a thunderstorm we early Saturday highs. In. The low eighties we dry, out Sunday in warm up into the upper eighties Inland low eighties on the Cape on Sunday I'm AccuWeather meteorologist WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty lining of sunshine right now steamy eighty five. Degrees here in Boston the. Transportation Security Administration administration the TSA is apparently now considering. To put an end to passenger screenings at dozens of smaller airports across. The country WBZ's Ben Parker has more, details on the idea, that's now mainly based on. Worst case scenario budget cuts, USA says there's been no decision to eliminate passenger screening. At any, federalized, US airport however, as part of budget exercises the idea of ending, screenings at a hundred and fifty smaller airports was brought up former chairman of the. National Transportation Safety board Mark Rosenberg says it's unlikely the idea would, go further than an idea the chances of something this serious where we would cut the number of airports. That are being covered by the TSA screening. Agents has a very very little chance of. Of ever becoming a reality in a statement provided to WB DC by the TSA they say, any potential operational changes would not, take place without a.

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