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Mechanical horrid mechanical problems ago, but this one I thought, oh, you know what that's sort of that's very within reach, and it was literally, I mean I'd walk around my neighborhood, and there was one parked in old, derelict house, driveway and I kept walking by it, and it was navy. And I was like, oh, that's perfect car for me. Like I want that so bad. And then in January, a, a for sale sign went up in it, and I was like I just bought this Dotson like I can't afford. I can't afford another car and like two months later. The thing was still there, the for sale find was sagging and I'm like, you know what? The time. Tarot is more similar to a g wagon than it is different. Anyway. -actly. Exactly. And I was like, okay, this will fulfil all of the off road fantasy is that I have, and it will be really great. And I. It's, it's really good. It has. So it has a two point six liter four cylinder in it. It's a goat. I mean it's a mountain goat. It's awesome. It has an automatic transmission. But the manuals in those were worth, so it's more it's more. It's a more reliable transmission. And man, it's just it's awesome. I love it. Montero underneath you saw one. Yeah. From Sean, dude. Yeah. For Hannah space ban the space. He's driving. She's going to. Yeah. For the summer, that's what it has twenty twenty one thousand miles on it. What? Oh my God. Ninety one. Oh my God. A diesel. That's awesome. Yeah, very exciting. So excited for her when we're done with it. If you want, you can buy it, it's, it's fucking super sweet this woman car, and you and fifty fifteen fifty two is going to send me some turmoil. Mac wheels for it, which can be RAD clarion is gonna hook up the stereo so we have the system and I need to figure out the stereo in the Montero. I need to figure out a way to keep the original and then, like do like XM radio behind the scenes. Why what do you need the regional looks like fucking buck Rogers like what we thought the future was going to be like in the seventies like or in the eighties. It's so good books. Yeah. Yeah. You can do hidden in glovebox bluetooth kind of stuff. Yeah, it's pretty easy to get like if you literally just disconnected the stock radio. Sitting there, there's a just a bluetooth, amp that just powers on. Yeah. Yeah. They have those. Yeah, that's basic cell. Mitsubishi clubs I love him. Yeah. Mitsubishi there's like there's this little sort of community in southern California. That's pretty ravenous. I I mean mean it's. it's either he's like these are and then someone else about. Yeah. Mitsubishi. He's like the deal, you know, great offroad, or reliable all that stuff cheap. It's all that shit. They are. But they're they work really well and they're very capable and the and the aftermarket communities big, and they don't cost anything because everyone's paying attention to defend else, and it's not hard to find parts, and there's a great. There's an awesome community that, you know, they'll find a guy there's like these awesome Facebook groups, and there's guys who are like, hey, I just got a ninety one gen want them. You know, I'm pulling it apart for parts Woody needs the, the delicate and the Montero share a lot of shit. Yeah. Like there's a website called delicate USA dot com. Yeah. The just shows all the US part numbers. That's awesome. So you can get it's all it's all mostly Monteiro stuff, which is which I'm very excited. So maybe we'll do some wheeling. Clearly, I would love that wheel that van. That'd be I'll throw some skids on it or something. I don't wanna look and kill it. Afford to buy it, but I can't afford to kill it. Yeah, there's probably a good idea. Richard porter was on Harrison's podcast like last week and they did a really good show..

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