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Saint train service is out after two cars of an aide train derailed this morning at one hundred twenty fifth street in harlem and caused a power outage the fdny says there was no fire but there was some smoke mta chairman joe loader tells us about in three words seven minor injury the railmen core hope went to teheran in dealer smoke inhalation to them and went to parliament and one of them they do not need to go anywhere this man was on board and spoke with cbs two was gentlemen i always this is bad may be some from some smoke inhalation load is says repair crews are working as quickly as possible but he cannot say when service will be restored there's word from a military post in huntsville alabama that they are under lockdown tweet just before eleven thirty from the redstone arsenal reported a possible active shooter it ends with the words ron hide fight lockett into tamtam wins for more on the story as it develops winds news time twelve twenty four demolition of the bayonne bridge has been suspended work had been causing debris to fall of that caused damage on the streets below one resident of newark avenue says it's been like living in a war zone or forty says it will huddle with its contractor to find out what can be dumb to minimise the damage and the danger police have released surveillance camera photos and video of a couple of killers the manner wanted for the killing of forty six year old keith verena as he pumped gas at a bp station and crown heights ten days ago police say the two men walked up to him shot him in the chest and fled it's unclear if faye exchanged words a killers were driving a.

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