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And the answer that i got over and over again i never got a day keyboard name of a family or you know a which is what everybody is searching for but ultimately the answered that i got over and over again the more that now that i know would idaho it is certainly a it all comes down to chasing the body and as simple as that sounds that is the answer to almost everything that is evil there's no question about and if were to frighten zhu it comes down to that let's go west of the rockies renee in colorado rid a europe next on coast hit mary kaddu rene how are you um great it's and the world think and not have come at a better time man me pay i broke up with my girlfriend of eleven year right oh qe be with nag man oh always talking about marriage like wanted that about you know all the count them bought issue reid he'd off when it comes to work ethic the dumping them it is funny whose great that's great kobe how old my car and now than all the money on one last night of levin now i'm just drinking from jagannath waiting for the end become ri well good luck with that rene ed see the thing is in colorado you can pretty much do whatever you want these days apparently they're sir there you go if you're gonna be at the end of the world it colorado's the place to be let's go to mike in west virginia mike europe next on coasting a man the man you get the best show on alert yo period mike gouda bad okay which undermined mike okay i got a couple of quit that love what looked area i with the medic for almost two years and in we work co well you know get there in it will confront doing cpr and people you don't we weren't co well we did our hearts but when we come back well a couple gay that you they're going to pay thinner room in the war course ill but.

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