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Gain more listenership all those things at the same time you'll know exactly when we have put out our next podcast. So please subscribe on the platform of your choice, and if you've got time just right review the podcast real quick. We've had a lot of fun talking to lots of different personalities from the wobble so far a lot. Of Coaches, to this point and I think that things are really starting to ramp up in Bradenton when it comes to the tension, there's a certain banding together that we saw right off the bat, but it's wearing on some people for you know how many weeks they've been there now there's an end in sight, but it's not quite here yet, and I think we've seen some of this brewing with the Marianne Stanley versus the Seattle storm slash sue bird issue this past week and some other things like the Diana Tarazi technical and her calling out the raft the other day. Yeah. In the grand scheme of things, they're not huge scandals won't be stories. We'll talk about for years and years to come. But at the same time you know you can tell that the pressure is mounting a little bit on some of these teams they know they're in the stretch run. That's why it's going to be so fun over these last three weeks to see how things play out and. This week, we get a chance to talk to Holly Rowe the outstanding sideline reporter feature reporter for ESPN. She has been in the wobble the whole time embedded in our experience seeing into the WNBA would not be the same without holly telling it. So we talk to holly this week about the decision to go into the wobble to be embedded there about some of the best things she's seen so Far Some of the huge challenges of having to do the same thing over and over again day after day kind of what's been the reward of being a part of this and what's been the sacrifice as well, and just to be honest, we cover a lot of stuff within this thirty minutes. So you're gonNA, WANNA stick around throughout some wonderful insight into what's happening Bradenton with our guest on the. Her hoop stats populist ESPN's.

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