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Eleventh on a Brian holiday double to knock and Miguel row Hus and get the win there in my in south beach, Mariners beat the Astros again, as I'll give you a little spoiler they did sweep the series of the marriage with the Astros again, three, two as Wade, LeBlanc outdoors, Charlie Morton. They got both teams scored all their runs in one inning. Four runs three runs in the fourth inning for the Seattle, Mariners two. In the second for the Astros with all day, would muster as yesterday's did get Korea back over the weekend, but they're still without to and Springer as Trillium more than three runs over six innings of of work. Mill home runs in this game at all as the Mariners were able to get that those three runs in the fourth inning with a little rally there to win cardinals beat the royals eight, three as they got Jack clarity, some runs in support for him to get his. That's his six one. Of the season. He go to runs on three hits three walks nine strikeouts. A Homer allowed in seventies of work that home run was allowed to LCD's Escobar his fourth of the season and the home runs k. from Harrison baiter his eighth and Jose Martinez. His fourteenth of the season for Saint Louis, say when eight three Rockies the dodgers three to as scored three runs in the bottom of the ninth inning to win this one on a Ryan McMahon, homerun. You did it again as he walks off to events. Tuna that nothing lead. It was a three, two victory for the Rockies is now it shakes it up even more in the American in the National League pollyanna changed his title right now have ano- central dodgers giants, but that don't matter as going to be an all central and wild wild west for both leagues is what's going to say pretty soon here, but so Ryan McMahon, this is fourth of the season gets the win plea ISIL Puig at it, his fifteenth of the season for the dodgers as they dropped that one, late three, two Phillies beat the Padres five one as Aaron. Aw was excellent in this. One gets his thirteenth win of the season for fills as they keep pace with the Braves out there in the East Sea. When six shutout innings, four hit too loud. Three walks five strikeouts for Nola. He's now thirteen and three home runs for the Phillies came from Cal Franko his nineteenth and Cesar Hernandez is that's his tenth of the season for Cezar. No home runs for the pirates as Phillies win five to one on Saturday final game of of Saturday as and angels as shut out the angels, seven, nothing. Edwin Jackson was absolutely excellent. Crazy guy has got literally pulled up off the nowhere. Sev seven hundred thirds innings pitched no runs three hits three walks seven, six strikeouts for him. The as got a home runs from Marcus. Simeon. Two of them actually has eight and his ninth Chris Davis uttered his thirty fourth of the season as win, big in Anaheim. Then quickly Sunday. Parrots and giant giants win four, three as Derek Regas was excellent. And this one again gets his sixth win of the season. He's now six one with a two to five year as as he wins seven innings pitched of one run ball. Two hits allowed. One walk, four strikeouts. The rookie is just absolutely setting. I mean the at least obey on fire on fire. We'll get to that a minute, but no, but he's pitching very nicely. This California wildfires, it's bad right now, and we sent her purrs everybody that's being affected by this wildfires as the firefighters in California are working their tail off to get the get the multiple wildfires around this around the state figured outside, as I said, said, said something on fire. I want said anything on fire. My cla my analogy or my idiom or cliche to say, call it was ill ill picked. But you know, just give me a little thought like, yeah, we don't want to shut out for the guys working men and women working very, very hard to keep people safe. And keep their belongings safe and everything. Save up there, whether it's in reading, Mendocino county or down in Yosemite or anywhere. There's a fire right now in California..

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