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App with sports at sixteen and forty six on your home for the bears Kevin Japanese radio seven eighty one of five point nine FM WBBM news time one forty eight traffic and weather together on the haters Julie krone's no delays on the Edens looking good at nineteen minutes from lake cook to the Kennedy junction and the even spurred just a slight delay through some of the road construction that's going to be going on through the summer of next year no delays also on the Kennedy so it's twenty minutes so here and around town ten from junction in the express an album of the year parts twenty I the number twenty nine three ninety to downtown uptown to Mannheim is sixteen up to three ninety eight twenty nine no delays on the Stevenson and the Dan Ryan is moving along just fine I've had the seven the bishop for they are clear smooth sailing if you're on lake shore drive north and southbound as for the tri state the three right lands are close from the mile long bridge to the Sir Mack toll plaza until four o'clock this morning and then the right lane and seventy ad on seventy fifth wheel springs entrance ramp an exit ramps are completely closed until five o'clock this morning no problems on the Jane Addams Ronald Reagan veterans memorial tell ways I eighty and I eighty ninety four check and I'm fine ninety four sixty five Indiana toll road and the Chicago sky way are all looking great next traffic report at one fifty eight I newsradio seven idea one of five point nine FM the WBBM accu weather forecast early this morning partial clearing turning cool a low of thirty three later today much cooler though still above average for this time of year times of clouds and sunshine a high of forty three tonight increasing clouds a low of thirty for tomorrow mostly cloudy breezy and milder with a couple of showers high of fifty two.

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