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Send it via snail. Back to the Richard show of Santa Fe gear on. Newest talk leader. Brought to you by violet crown ultimate fantasy newbie experience. Best in class movie experience awaits you bring your loved ones. For feast for the senses crown saying, this is Peter crown here to tell you about our state of the art auditory, featuring reserve seating, wall screens, digital surround sound comfortable chairs with over forty taps craft beer wine and regional cider, including items from our stone, stone-hard pizza, oven, entrees, and delectable desserts. Join us for wide variety of films with free four hour parking. This week's excited schedule includes Rotman nonfiction. Bali's tree Godzilla king of the monsters, the biggest little form and art. House monthly percents, the vanishing. Stay tuned next week. Few by crown movie minute. Chrome seena phase your most unforgettable. Movie experience at sixteen six days in the Santa Fe, railyard your tickets now crown dot com. Time to give back Santa Fe Santa Sanofi's excited to fill the tundra for the food depot all week long. Tony non perishable food items to fill the tundra of Sanofi. Michael's location. Then on Friday may thirty-first join of Santa Fe at the depot warehouse, twelve twenty two silo road for a live broadcast with our friends who went to seven five outlaw country from noon to two pm with tons of prizes and fund donations. Currently needed include non perishable food items fill the tender with Sanofi where you have a buddy in the business. I'm Rick Unger. You've heard the screamers. You've heard the Shouters the haters, the.

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