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Give birth to someone so mazing and then to not even know that i did that. Yeah like she took it for granted them realize it. Yeah she wants her to know that her soul pure now so she as her soul heels over their heels through helping those that are here so she is. she's learning and she's seen through watching her life and the things that she did and watching through her loved ones is how how her actions affected others now and now her soul is growing and that's why she's able to see and say these things she just wants. It explained to her daughter. She said it actually is better late than never. You know it's better said than not said I feel is your wife. I feel a lot of stress coming from your wife. So does she get she high strung or does she have a stressful job. She's a nurse so she doesn't take it as stressful as other stu like she can handle that kind of stuff but it's that thing of she used to have anxiety and then when she got with me. I was so mellow that we kind of met in the middle. And i taught her about meditation com dot com and on this. And so now she's like. Don't you do this. But like will like we went side note. We went to Grimaldis today over in scottsdale. We usually go to the one me sir. Jonet went to northern went to the grimaldis.

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