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Back. You watching liquid lunch in, you know, like when lunch was formed on some simple principles that old voices will be heard. Everyone gets to see that the table as long as they can act sane and be human to other people and have thoughtful conversation. And every day I have a few cocktails while we get through the news of the day and all the opinion we can give you and more Well, like beef steak, Charlies would opinion oil would be a one saying Reva drink all the shrimp you can each but I love bringing on Democrats and Republicans have been doing it from day 12 of the best in the business. Join me today. My good buddy. John Burnett is with us today. As usual. He's usually going head to head with David Eyes back, but today offs miserable. So for you, Johnny as we're joined by Josh Kravitz guys, thanks for joining me for those you at home who don't know John's Thie, managing director of one Empire Group. Columnist for Newsmax and former Republican candidate from Your Exit controller. Josh is a New York attorney in a Democratic district leader in New York. So, Josh, I want to go to you first. I know you started this campaign season as a Bernie supporter. Now you're on the Biden Band wagon. But when you look at that vice presidential debate last night, what do your immediate insights You know, I was first I was watching right before the debate. They had the Ali Frazier trilogy. Gong says, watching boxing boxing analogy last night, So he's a boxing analogy. Trump campaign is down there Losing. It went out in the 13th round of a fight. They were stumbling in the 12th round. They think there might be a knockout in the 13th and there wasn't So did did Pence win. Well, did you win if you don't get knocked down the 13th round when you're losing on cards and you're gonna get knocked out? I don't know He didn't get you didn't get a Naga. I thought there'd be a knockout blow because Pamela Harris is a prosecutor and a very smart lady, and hence has to defend the indefensible 200,000 dead Americans. And a president rage, tweeting all day and caps. So you know, I thought there'd be a knockout blow when there wasn't in that regard. I think Pence did quite well. Okay. And John Burnett. I want to bring in. I think there was a Level of civility last night in the faith that we would hope to see from presidential candidates and, you know, not that I agree with Kamala Harris on a lot of things, but at least there was a little more decorum and last night's debate where they heard what they were talking about what we are observations. I think you're absolutely correct. It was very civil. In fact, you don't have to come in Josh. You know, he started off with Bernie, and now he's actually made his way to the middle supported fighting. You don't live with three weeks to go. He might actually jump from the band wagon to the Trump trains. There's still time left. Josh, will you look at you Look at the debate last night I saw I think you saw Vice president Pence. He's a steady hand. Hey, actually lead with facts. He actually appeals a logic. He showed empathy, way saw leader last night, someone that could easily step in It takes over. What we did not see from Senator Harris is someone who is. You know, I have to come out and say this. I didn't see a room with your politician there for mature leader. It was too too much giggling even a serious topics. I don't know if it was a nervous smile or not, she more so lead with sound bites. And she she didn't watch while she talked out in her record. She really didn't defend her record as a CI. That's a horrible record to run on. She should actually just focused on some of the legislation that she may have voted off. But I'm sorry. Wait a minute, Senator Vice President. Pence actually nailed her, even on her voting record on many critical issues to the fore gotten American people, so I think Vice president. Pence did a great job and really making that contrast in terms up, letting letting the American people know that the fighting Paris ticket if elected, will actually raise your taxes by virtue of getting rid of the trump tax cuts that actually put more money. It's a working class families and for the first time And in a very long time, I think, over 50 years we've seen the income of the bottom 47% rise faster than the top percent. So I think those are huge accomplishments. Once we actually start really making our way out of cold bitch. Hopefully governors and local politicians, Democratic politicians will work with this president. To make sure we get people back to work. That makes a lot of sense. Hey, Josh, I don't want to get your perspective because we were for Bernie Sanders. There was quite the movement going on there with Bernie Sanders. That became this 1000 Ian deal that Bernie would tell his supporters to get by on Biden, but they'd adopt some of the platforms of Bernie's movement. I think in the presidential debate, Joe Biden was very clear, he said. This is the vital party now and I am not for the green new deal. How does that sit with you as a big Bernie supporter, especially on the climate change? I just think it's so I propose that you would use the term of fantasy and deal it deal with the devil right now. Granted, I don't I agree with the green new deal on the premise of the Green new deal, and I believe that not only would it create a lot of jobs, and so that's a complete falsehood. That is a fair would kill jobs yet, uncle some jobs, But you know, Trump has lied to the coal miners of American to the frat. That type of energy is not sustainable, and it's not going to be cheap as the future goes on, and the market will get rid of those jobs, so to say that those jobs are going to exist. He's just trying to make them feel good in the last gasp of the dirty coal era. But question my question was more at you as a form of Bernie Supporter. You still Bernie supporter Joe Biden said categorically. I am not. For the Green new Deal. Kamala Harris is the co sponsor in the Senate. How does that sit with you as a Bernie supporter? So again when we're talking about a Faustian deal? I think it's very apropos because, yes. There are only two party system in this country. We have two big tents and sense where they come together. And you come behind the nominee. I'm not happy that Joe Biden does not embrace the green new deal. No, I'm not happy about it. But when we're talking about a deal with the devil Mike Pence..

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