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It's the Dana show today at noon right here on five seventy KLIF. Eight forty one. Now doesn't sound like a lot of people but forty one kids and young adults. Now have the measles forty-one known cases of the measles. Yeah. It doesn't sound a lot. But it's very dangerous in Washington. Port Portland, Oregon. You can just be in a room with someone and get it. It's so contagious. Yeah. Excuse me. The public health department or Clark county, Washington and acid at least twenty three people were sick last week. This is terribly contagious. Measles. Is you you just have to be in the same room with somebody just said that oh you did say that. Yes. Well. Underscoring that. If you just happen to be near a person, who's got the measles. You're both in the same place. You could get it. You had the measles as a kid. I did it was a long time ago. I really don't remember anything about it except that. Crummy crummy you want to scratch, but you're not allowed to scratch and that kind of thing. But the problem is so many people are not getting vaccinated, not vaccinating their kids, and this this particular, Washington state and Portland the Pacific northwest in particular have as a large number of people who are not vaccinating their kids. I think something like thirty percent. And they've they've said that in order to prevent an epidemic of any particular disease. You'd have to have less than ten percent of people who are not getting vaccinated are there are a lot of anti vaccine here in North Texas. In fact, plano, specifically mentioned for their high exemption writes in an article that was in the Dallas Morning News. Yeah. It was a national survey and Austin and Houston or on the list as well. Allen county, for example, at four hundred seventy eight. Such exemptions in two thousand fifteen in two thousand sixteen Tarrant county with five hundred eighteen for the same period. In phoenix. Two thousand nine hundred forty seven non-medical exemptions people not getting back Sonate. He's a Facebook closed Facebook group, I guess for anti vaxxers. Yeah. Called the natural health anti vacs community. And a woman posted something here's what she posted. My three year old does not maximum. And there is currently a measles outbreak in my state. She must live in Oregon any suggestions for cautions. I can take to protect her would be very much appreciated that was fine. Posting. But it can't worm got out of the closed group and Boyle Boyle, he get some responses. Just a sampling here fellow by the name of Robert Hastings said well, if if only there existed some kind of medicine to protect children from getting such a vaccination, if you will you think Eddie McLaughlin, said measles is not the biggest threat to your child. A parent who gets their medical advice from Facebook is. And bladder MIR Makovich said, well, I got to find a willow tree. The tree must be at least forty seven years old. Then you've got a new branch off the tree you hanging over the kids bed facing south southeast and the most important bit. You must hang it with red ribbon. I'm sorry. What are you gonna say? What are you asking for for prevention groups, where people just post the dumbest things? I'm sure like I said it was a closed group. She was talking. She was talking to people. Right. But still no there are no precautions except that you keep your child home indoors away from everybody else in the world. Exactly. It's eight forty five at KLIF.

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