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Hosting a pop up vaccination event, the next to Thursday's. They just did this one on Thursday. Next week, they'll do it again. The hotel, pairing it with a new incentive they call get the fax save the tax. If you get your shots at the Edgewater Hotel, you can save 15.7% on an overnight stay that same night. That's the same as Seattle's lodging taxes. State lottery warning people to watch out for scammers who might pose as workers from the vaccine incentive program red flakes or calls from an out of state phone number or emails that don't come from an official government account. Those involved the real lottery. People will only ask you to verify your mailing address and your name. They won't ask you for account numbers or social Security numbers. If somebody on the phone or through an email does that, it's a scam. Just get rid of it. Cafe Racer. The North Seattle Coffee shop, too, fell victim to that horrific mass shooting nine years ago. They're going to reopen. They've got a new location. We hear they're headed to Capitol Hill Cafe Racers owners, Cindy Ann and Jeff Ramsey tell their Facebook followers they have found a new home for the eclectic, arts oriented cafe at 15 21st Avenue between Pike and Pine. Cafe racers. Previous owners closed the original Roosevelt neighborhood location in 2017, 5, years after a gunman opened fire inside. Four people died, including Gloria Leonidis, remembered by her husband, Tom. All of us deserve to walk around in life and have some degree of safety and it's a bit scary, too. Know that we're exposed to somebody like that. That decided to settle his differences with a gun and and Ramsey took over the cafe, but the pandemic shut them down and they relinquished the space. Now, the owners say they'll take over a space formerly occupied by a bar called the Barsa. They tell Facebook friends. It's a bittersweet victory because the cafe is leaving the Roosevelt neighborhood after 17 years. Corwin Co. MO. News. This is KOMO News Saturday, The Seahawks will host their first preseason game of the 2021 season a little more than two months from now. Next week, the team will hold its mini camp and some of the veterans are already working out at the V. Mac in Renton. Give us an update and where we stand chrome OS Mike Ferrari Mike, They're all back together. Seahawks veterans For the most part, though, stayed away from organized team activities. The past two weeks. Practices were being run with about 40 players, mainly rookies and players with limited NFL experience were there and now, with the mandatory minicamp next week for the Seahawks veterans started showing.

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