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And I think she credits certainly the fact that she's able to make a fast start that is helping her just kind of run away with winning. You know, she beat Harriet dart in the first round and then in the second round, she had another very, very comfortable performance against Rebecca Peterson 6 two 6 two. So yeah, I mean it's yeah, I think she's definitely one to watch, given the start that she has had. She's obviously playing with full of confidence at the moment and it's just leading her into I think positions where she feels more relaxed and comfortable and can swing freely and yeah, the score lines are just a little bit of a reminder of when she won the French Open and was kind of just blitzing the field. So we'll see how that develops, but yeah, some very, very good opening couple of rounds, I think, for sure on tech. Yeah, it wouldn't surprise me if she did what she did at the Fred. She's also got a new coach. She's working with and she just seems like in a very good place. Physically mentally. So just a note on sabalenka always reminding me a bit of a Sasha zverev when he's having grief on his serve. And I think when Sarah got to that U.S. open final against Dominic team, he hadn't played particularly well, I would say in that tournament. But just kind of made it through and got to the final most won it. So I wouldn't be surprised if sapling maybe it does a bit of a spare of and we'll see. I don't like to compare people, but it just kind of that thought just popped into my mind. And just on a really nice positive note for local players, we had two obviously wild cards getting through to the third round. So Madison English, who came through in that first round oh God, who did she beat in the first round? I can't remember that. Because that part of the draw game is opened up. Big time because yeah Madison English and Hayley baptiste, I think they both had big upsets in the first round. And it was a very big opportunity for one of them to make the third round and it was for the local Madison English who came through 7 6 two 6 6 two. She beat Layla Fernandez. Oh, there we go. That was it. Yeah. Fernandez. I was trying to think, I just couldn't remember. Yeah, but she came through against, yeah, baptiste, so she's into the third round. And Christopher O'Connell took out Schwartzman Diego Schwartzman 13th seed in straight sets. I don't know who I was surprised by Benoit paire the third round Christopher O'Connell in the first round. Yeah. But yeah, it was actually great for Benoit pair because you know he I saw an interview with him after his match. He was very emotional. Tears in his eyes. You know, he's obviously been through a lot. He's got COVID 364 times over the last year. I think has found the bubble life and having a tour during a pandemic harder than the most people. So to see him come through win and get to the third round of a Grand Slam, something that he has not done in a long, long time, yeah, really, really, really nice to see. Definitely. And let's take a quick break now. But do join us in the second half where we'll be having a look back at all the action from day three in Melbourne park. So do you not go anywhere? Welcome back to the passing shot with Joel and Kim sponsored by download tennis dot com and let's move on to day three at the Australian open. I would say not as exciting as day four, but still lots of tennis to talk about I mean we had the top not the topsy, there is no top seed, I suppose in the men's side of things, but perhaps two of the potential favorites and winners Sasha's whereof and Rafa Nadal. They both came through in straight sets as variables up against John millman, Australian local hope, but yeah, milman was not able to make much of an inroad 6 four 6 four 6 love that one was. And we also had rapper coming through in straight sets over German qualify janik, 6 two 6 three 6 four. I think it was a bit of a closer match than the scoreline suggested. Raphael wasn't at his best, but he's got the job done as one needs to do in the second round of Islam and I think it could have been that much against coconuts couldn't it. So avoided big match in that respect. He's got a hatch knob next, though, which is tomorrow. And that will obviously be a big, big step up, I think, you know, from hemp and who's a 120 odd in the world to Karen hatch and of who is dangerous? I mean, it felt like Nadal Hanson was very similar match up for Murray Daniel with coming through qualifying. It was still quite tough in a day. You know, it took him two hours 42 minutes to win. So I guess it was a straight set score line. But yeah, it was quite tough for him. I mean, moving on to some of the other seeds that were in action. You know, we had alcaraz and bertini winning, which is very exciting because they will face off against each other in the third round. Perhaps one of the picks of the third round Carlos alcaraz versus Matteo bertini. They both won in straight sets, Al kraz beat do some live 6 two 6 one 7 5 and yeah bertini also winning against nakashima 6 one four 6 6 four 6 one sorry in four sets..

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