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Herb the lawyer you just heard from struggled with key questions did the breakin and assault caused homer marciniak staff and wasn't provable beyond a reasonable doubt if mr mercenary caved in a healthy man he certainly never would have died from what happened from being sorta slipped in the face the laws anything but black and white netted doctor who can look at a experience you that the bone was broken pretty easy to do it but we don't have ex reason because the practice of law but we give is a lot of subjectivity there is no rate and wrong who works is what's right and what doesn't work is wrong the us attorney's office lined up a medical expert willing to testify that the breakin and assault could have caused homers heart attack herb donald's defense attorney was concerned revere word fit out of this case that that there was a potential that a jury would have found him guilty and he was looking at a lie sons aside from the death penalty the most serious sentence you can get nothing more serious and to think that a young man his age could be spending the rest of his life in jail which pretty horrific when you really think about so imagine trying to argue this case donald admits he had hamamra cine ac an elderly man with a bad heart homered died ten hours later so it's not exactly a case where the jury is going to be enamored with people who did it would i was going to have to do is to humanize my client that giving a lot of background information as much as i could get in and to let them know that this was an unfortunate set of circumstances but not a case where he should be punished to the extent that a murder conviction were the case it to a jury trial and he was found guilty the risk was he would be sentenced to life in prison so herb advise tunnel to take a plea deal in fact all seven defendants took please.

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