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But until then I'm a stay all up big y'all, and I'm gonna be relentless witty. Why are you like just a Stephen a I'm a stay all up being y'all? If Stephen thinks that is a great business model, and by the way, I do believe we need more minority voices in sports radio. Sports radio is way too white been in the industry since its infancy. But I would say this if he thinks it's such a great idea put his money behind it. Start a serious channel or something like that just black sports talk and see if it works and see if it's profitable. What do you want to call the channel? A black Knebworth. Okay. I like that last last one. We finally we lost a legend last week. When mean Jean Oakland passed away at the age of seventy six long. Yeah. WWF announcer mean gene Oakland on? Yeah. That's the way seventy six years old. I thought he was much older. I wish seventy six I would've thought he was around a long was he was a hustler, man. He had hustled, gene. Yes. Thanks to Kevin on Twitter. A couple of other people for tagging in this classic mean, Jean Oakland clip from the nineties as he makes his borderline farewell professional wrestling wants my belt, but I wanted to and I had to fight inch branch to get this. And I'm not to lay down my back and let someone cover me. I thank you very much. Gene. Can't even hold it together me, gene o mean Jean together. Really good to let some girl cover me. Oh god. Yeah. All right. That is this week's addition. Of borderline every car comes with a sheriff stories. He got great ding in your bumper. When you nervous picked up the first date and it worked out, well, the luxury package, you got after that big promotion, it was worth it. Or the mileage you say by riding your bike all summer be does that every week to the studio, but you can't put a price tag on your stories. But now with truecar you can at least find out what your car's worth when it's time to sell.

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