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You're listening to the briefing first broadcast on the third of april twenty teen on monocle twenty four hello and welcome to the briefing coming to you live from studio one hair atma dory house in london i'm tom edwards coming up today at a very good call i suspect that we'll probably be meeting in the not too distant future to discuss the arms race which is getting out of control it's been confirmed that donald trump invited vladimir putin to the white house at the height of a diplomatic row we'll have the latest also ahead could strikes by franz his heart left unions be about to define emmanuel macron's presidency and if you think about the mediterranean beautiful bay that are very calm but these can be only for a few hours and then if you hours later that can be a store or the c can start to rumble monaco's weekly designed program gets new monica from today monaco undesired will preview the debut episode which is about living on water and jamie waters will be here to tell us about how the merry go round some of the world's biggest fashion houses is shaping up all that head hit on the briefing always made homemade towards let's begin with our top story today emmanuel macron is facing the biggest test of his presidency so far as union seek to halt his proposed labour reforms let's get more on this with tom burgess watson monaco's paris correspondent good often into you till always good to catch up with you and indeed this we've talked a little bit about the challenges macron was sure to face during his premiership but this is the the biggest i didn't know how how would you exactly describe this sort of scale of the problem as it confronts him today.

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