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If you asked african americans after the interaction with white doctor was over whether or not the doctor was friendly the thing the attend it too was not the spoken words in our researchers the nonverbal clues by far and when the signals were contradictory someone was verbally friendly but had negative body language black participants basically dismissed the verbal altogether but if you ask the white person how funny they behaved two things predict how friendly they thought they behaved one was how nonprejudiced they are and the other one was how nice how friendly they were verbally because those are the things that are accessible to us basically white people and black people were attending to completely different parts of the interaction which is why they walked away with such tragically different interpretations of what had taken place now doctorpatient interactions are important to the real consequences in terms of treatment so this finding is meaningful in the real world well that makes me tired i mean like you to explain the lat but it makes me sad our makes me sad to but not everyone found the news about implicit bias so disheartening a murder spot was if i told you this is philip goff a psychologist to john j college of criminal justice who founded the center for policing equity gough was still graduatestudent in nineteen ninety nine when he was introduced the idea of implicit bias and he says as one of the few african americans in his programme it made huge intuitive cents to him it's it's like when someone says something that you've been feeling but never had the right words were on it felt a lot like that for me it felt relief um it felt validating our it it was a a weapon against feeling like you were crazy in these situations where you measure racial prejudice and the levels were low which you live in it and it doesn't feel like the levels are low doesn't feel like racism is an alive and well in that situation and implicit bias were gave a language for that and it made garfield hopeful he says because this new theory suggested that there might be new responses on in some senses when their signs on the water fountains on and when even children don't get the benefit of their humanity it's really clear where the enemy is when they took the signs away it's harder to locate it.

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