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And last year, I picked them to win the Super Bowl, and I'm like, you know what, Mahomes? Just give them average receivers who'll make it work because he's got Kelsey. This year, it's like Kelsey and I think one of the top five worst receiver rooms that anybody has. I don't even know if you have to say who would you want in fantasy? I don't even know who I would pick. So just at some point, they're doing a little tap dance with that that I think they're gonna go too far with. Well, let's just take, people say preseason's meaningless, right? And I disagree. There's things you can find out in preseason. For example, last preseason, the Giants. Their execution was really good. It was right there in front of us, and I refuse to acknowledge it. I just thought they were gonna be bad. They were able to, they completed passes in the preseason. Their execution was good, and it carried over. Last preseason, with that receiving core, Mahomes played last preseason, and he averaged 8.6 yards per attempt. This preseason, he was at 7-1. They struggled against Arizona the first two drives, and they were trying. They were trying to score. Now, eventually, he got them down the field, but I'm with you. I'm not sure they're as good this point of the season as they were last year. I think it's gonna take some time, and do they have that guy? They got a lot of young receivers. I don't count, you know, Scantling, you know, as being a guy who's gonna take a giant step up. Or Sky Moore. I remember the Pats put Brady in this position one specific year in 06, the Rashe Caldwell-Jabbar Gaffney year, and Troy Brown, who was pretty done at that point. And Brady, that was one of his best seasons, and nobody was open the whole season. Like, nobody. Caldwell was probably their best receiver, and he was, you know, probably like a C-minus. But I do think, like, at some point, you can throw the position away to the point that if nobody can get open against a good defense, I don't care how good Mahomes is. We'll take a break, and then I gave you an assignment, and we're gonna talk about it. Get ready for the NFL season with incredible offers from FanDuel, America's number one sportsbook. Right now, new customers can bet $5 and get 200 in bonus bets, guaranteed. Plus, all customers can bet $5. We get $100 off NFL Sunday ticket from YouTube and YouTube TV. You can bet anything. You can bet the Packers to win the division. It's like plus 350. You can bet Jalen Hurts to be your MVP. I think it's either 12 to one or 11 to one right now. Now is the best time to join FanDuel. The app is easy to use. You can be on everything from spreads to player props and more. Visit fanDuel.com slash BS. Kick off the NFL season with an offer you don't wanna miss. FanDuel, official partner of the NFL. You must be 21 plus and present in select states. First online, real money wage, or only $10 first deposit required. Bonus issued as non-majorable. Bonus bets that expire seven days after receipt. Restrictions apply. See terms at sportsbook.fanDuel.com. NFL Sunday ticket offer ends September 18th, 2023. No refunds, terms, and embargoes apply. $100 off NFL Sunday ticket. Not YouTube TV. YouTube TV base plan required to watch YouTube TV. Redemption requires a Google account and current form of payment.

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