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On may twenty four th and members gathered ignite with emily chang a harvard university graduate and five time regional emmy award winning journalist you may know her as bloomberg technologies anchor and executive producer but in this talk chang discusses her new book proto bia published earlier this year the book is a critically acclaimed expose revealing silicon valley sukses aggressive and misogynistic bro culture where women are vastly outnumbered face toxic workplace discrimination and sexual harassment despite the utopian ideals and moral high ground at the valley claims to hold the roth a book chang shows us how to fix this toxic culture to finally bring down this bro toby this episode of the podcast is presented by smart water what makes smart water so smart it starts with a little inspiration from the clouds nature's pure source of water smart water copies those puffy white clouds in creating vapor distilled purity pure perfection smart water also has electrolytes which helps get that clean chris pace louts will always be inspiration since the water vapor distilled for purity purity you can taste education you can feel choose smart water or smart water sparkling today in at your local retailer such a pleasure to be here with you again i still remember a year ago we met for coffee and it was actually less than a year ago i shared my story and then in less than eight months the book was out and i just really appreciate just n lease heart and just for him not just her experience but her her festive skills but also just her care for people in her desire to really want to move culture forward yeah it's definitely a pleasure to be together again and i want to say lease it was so courageous that day and i could not have done this book if it wasn't for people like you women like you and we wouldn't have seen the change we've seen in the last year if it wasn't for women like you so thank you thank you so let's start with you know i think a lot of us are curious what was your inspiration for writing this book and why should they.

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