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We're back our three. Twenty minutes in, so we've got forty minutes to spend with nick and with Hammer, and the first most important question for Nick is. Did you get out to the hot BAGEL shop? I'll made it no, no concern about that. That was the safest bet of the day. It's Friday morning. Bagel shop is doing a great job of maintaining the mask. restrictions and social distancing is. We're having a little little surge in the coronavirus in Houston but I commend my my good friends from the northeast run hot Bagel shop. And, everything was a little, little lock spread. Good way to start the day, look at shoot. Look at you. Very impressed that I need Venus. So we we have. We have an honorary suffix to our name. And there there's been a lot of appreciation for locks and all other Jewish delicacies over the years. Outstanding well the I. I was kidding Nixon, said Oh good. If if I'm coming on late, that gives me time to go to the Bagel shop I you know. Houston's the first place I think of when it comes to the BAGELS and he said. No No, no no hot bagel shop, the from Boston. Family from Boston so good job I love. It came that came to Houston. Well. Nick let's Talk To York and we've got lots to do, but I do want to get your postscript from last weekend. Quick thoughts about tis The log Amino, parole and anything else. Well, you know you couldn't help, but be very basic taken by the performance by law. I thought he ran very very well. My I've seen some I. Guess Criticism of him based on him, not earning a particularly fast buyer figure I know you had a conversation with Andy about that earlier in the week, and that's a good thing. It's a good healthy thing for people to discuss what what they think of figure may have could have been or should have been or anything like that, but the figure. Makers are all pretty much aligning that it looks like something that should be around a hundred in terms of of Beyer, speed, figure and. That doesn't preclude to law from improving substantially in the future and running much faster figure though the races usually running a mile, and a half the I would say the par buyer figure for the Belmont over the last. Ten years or so is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of hundred, maybe a little bit higher, so I it's, it was by no means a poor performance was he was authoritative in victory which I think to surprise no one many Frankel obviously is growing in terms confidence on this horse. It's kind of amazing to think that six or seven months ago, there was A. A, lot of clamoring to get many Franken off of the Horse, and now it seems like they've. He's become a perfect fit in the sense that he's obviously learned a little bit about the law and vice versa, and when you put him in a position like he was on Saturday stalking the pace on the outside. He's always going to be very very tough. I as loosely connected as I am. In various parts of the game I had heard Gimme was really good prior to her debut, and it's very rare that you get word like that on a Bob Baffert horse, and it doesn't pan out, and she's obviously really really good, so that that was a that was a just a tremendous performance, and while it was unfortunate, casual didn't really show up, and there really was no competition for a mean at all. It probably didn't matter who is going to be in that field. I mean barring midnight. B.'s you getting into somehow. I don't know who was going to give in any kind of challenge. Based on the way she ran and continues just an incredible run for provide baffert stable in. In New York and I mean as far as the other race go. Parole was very impressive clearly the tracks deed look like a change. As the day went on. So I know paroles speed figure was not all that great He's worth. It's clearly very dangerous when he's able to get the lead and and we'll see what happens now is he tests a little bit deeper waters in the future I would imagine looking at a race like the Allen Jerkins in early August Saratoga, and a how about Aleksandra just one of the one of the cooler horses around and I tweeted shortly after her win on Saturday that I've you seldom see jockey and horse fit each other better, but. Alexandra style fits Joel Rosario so well and dwellers reo style fits Illich Sandra style so well, so it's It's very. It's very nice to see and she was probably the. Big Pay set up on Saturday, but now she's one of the sources that puts in her run, no matter what, and if they fly in front of her, she's got an even better shot,.

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