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Corners. I rock sim. The colts guy among others being better in man coverage than zone just wondering how hard it is developed zone coverage skill and if it's normal for college cornerbacks to have strength playing one type of coverage verse other or is it a college issue or some. D._c.'s don't scheme zone coverage bridges often demand demand. I think it would tend to be an individual program situation. Some programs run a lot of zone. Some programs run a lot of man. If you get a saving corner. He's done a lot same with a lot of the guys in the s._e._c. Run a lot of different coverages. I think to make a general statement would be impossible. Oh i think it completely depends on the individual now. Some guys may be at a school that runs a lot of zone but he has the physical attributes where he could wind up to be a good man corner corner and if he has good ball skills in these fast i think it will translate but they're going to be some guys that are manned demand corners did if they don't have good instincts. They might not be zone on cover. Guy i think beside quarterbacks at least in my scouting life my years working in a league and definitely in college football and just watching football obviously really closely since last five or six years talking about it for a living corners is a really hard position to evaluate to project. There are a lot of things that you know. Maybe the tape doesn't show guys some guys. Do you know i was having this conversation a couple of weeks ago. How many corners corners.

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