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Do your food just do it? You it? You know what you do. fireable you. You to fireable Yukiko. Fry what you WANNA fry. If you WANNA, make Brownie out of a monopoly piece. Do your food fry and let FRY on another boat. Okay. Just. Do something sloppy. Here's what I want to see. Come out of the kitchen something that doesn't look like it belongs this Ya Okay Kiko. You know there once was a wonderful James Bond movie and I'm just I'm just gonNA. I'M GONNA paraphrase year, but it was called tomorrow never fries okay and I want you. I want you to take that right now to heart. You know I'm going to have come in here and seeing fry fall. Okay with this basically. Kiko I want you to fry another day. Okay. I think you'll fry another day. You know what? Kiko Freia policy. Brass, you are the man with the Golden Fryer. Ri. FRY raker. daylights. Golden. Fried Golden. Fried. There it is. There it is. Yeah. Let's just send us with give me a golden fry Kiko. Then, he's like, so my last Vegas from tomorrow and she's a God. You know it feels like I. Just keep hammering this guy who continues to put his heart into it. But Gosh. She sure bit off more than he can chew and as a captain, you can like somebody a lot. But if they're not trained properly, they basically turned into a Benson and hedges champion little monster on. And I see you standing there. Okay, clear. So I can finish. A accord. Right? Yeah. He bit off way more than he could chew. And Apparently, whatever was he was biting off with deep fried. So it was a lot of love for his system. Is Like I'm not going to make you guys lose money because I'm a failure. Not Failure you're not a failure. You're basically you're like captain, Hook, given high five key uploading your failure. No, no Kiko. You're not. You're like the one armed man given proper, hug. Okay. Matt, can you grow an arm? Who Am I to say? No, you can't Cro- an arm. Maybe you'll be able to hug properly of science intervenes. Okay. That's what I'm seeing. Don't crowd. You're you're not a feel. You're just not a success. That's aw-. Then just like what happened he goes like. Now, I'm fought in front of everyone fought in front of everyone. Don't be sad. There's like there can be good tips in that job I did that BEF- between bingoing and tattooing. You're acting like getting fired as a problem. Do you know I've thirty five jobs last month? It's like normal. I got from Bingo. I got fired from Bingo because I couldn't understand how it worked. Okay. So, units like. Here's two lines in this episode because they've kept their promise, he's like. He's like I'm fired man. No. And then Hannah comes and he's like I cook tomorrow in then I have to go. Okay and she's like. Silent honey is..

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