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Center thank you to many of our listeners alerting us to a power outage in the green lake area here's what we know seattle city light confirming a power outage affecting about forty four hundred customers on the east side of green lake to the north and also to the north west area and up on parts of aurora avenue first allergists reported about nine thirty this morning and right now city crews are working on the issue looks like a seattle department also running around green lake to see what they can find they're saying for right now could be sometime later in the day before all power is restored there in the green lake area some are even saying late as four pm we'll keep alert on the story and let you know what we here for the cause and if we get a better estimate of power returning but again right now about forty four hundred customers around the green lake area primarily the east side there to the north and to the northwest without power this morning the okinawan river started flooding more than a week ago because of warm weather and massive snow melt it's not over okinawan county emergency management right now saying they didn't got inmates from washington corrections center helping to fill sandbags the national weather service saying river levels will likely stay high through this coming week the ground extremely saturated may be unstable in areas there could be some popular destinations from a memorial day weekend closed because of all the water public reminded us caution when the region many rivers are running high with a fast flow in places specially downstream many lakes are hitting higher than normal water levels border star reminded if you see a sign that says road clothes do not drive beyond those signs speaking of driving it is the home stretch of this weekend's revive i five there have been backups as long as nine miles it supposed to be getting better but right now washed on saying still think of carpool highway ninety nine and five oh nine still the alternate route favorite center seeing the.

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