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Much a new. Shoe I. See Okay Phone rings and I'm all glommed. Up and I'm, like like Jimmy aerob- my, vote you, know and I was waiting for the. Call you were naked when Donald Trump? Call I put a. Robot I was at a. Rogue, no you were just in like a robe and nothing. Else Release the whole prison if you told me The current bachelorette on the. Show, the bachelorette is who. Beca Becca covering yeah True or false know Evan threatened to quit team mom too I. Didn't know though. Still going on if her husband David, isn't rehired by, MTV that is true she's pulling him deal, now to say so she saying I'm not. Going to be on the show barely? They fired him. Or didn't rehire him how much do you think she's making I don't know she. Is she that rich where she can threatened not to, be, on the. Show I think she's definitely the, face of t. long to yeah for. Sure Geno Evans let's see how much he's worth. How would you feel though if you? Were her husband. And the only reason why you're back on the show because your wife threaten them. You probably cares well he's probably with her because she's. On, TV guess And how do you do reality show about someone and you don't have. Their spouse on there is edit them out. Everything I, guess you know what I'm saying. Southern charm gets away with it there's a very popular star on southern charm and her husband is like a really respectable doctor or surgeon, or something in? The, Charleston dashing does not want to be out there He does I, don't oh I. Don't know Famous in his. Own right, he's on. There sometimes but yeah you're right. I guess. They could do that they can I. Don't think it always works out I think. He wants to be on it that's the difference by, these other people are opting out like I don't wanna be. On that no way in hell anybody who wants to. Be, with you now For the. TV show this like her fourth baby daddy Since team onto according to some side I'm on I don't know how likely earns around three hundred and fifty thousand dollars per year, from? MTV. At this point per from MTV plus endorsement right Instagram hell is she endorsing whilst the thing is she. Has millions of people follow her on Twitter and Instagram she's getting paid because she posts like weight loss stuff all. The time and creams and all you. Probably all. Right, she has. To pay, those agents too but yeah well it's that I mean she was on the show she'd, be Some poor. Girl, oak island. Like four kids from four different guys. Right yeah Did he did threaten that to be on the g.. Threatened or three hundred thousand. Dollars salary then if you're MTV you're, probably okay I think she has leverage they, need. Her sometimes for the ratings, mice times who else is on t., mom? Too Yeah Caitlyn who a lot of bail is going to have to pay a lot of based on a new character who she. Is Sal is. Amber no report Portwood, not, team to issue she's a teen mom I'm not sure what I'm saying is the star of it so. She has. Leverage leverage use? Your.

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