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News this morning from Frederick county, Maryland, with the sheriff's office says deputies shot and killed and armed suspect overnight, who is suspected of stabbing two of his family members, one of whom has died. The Frederick county sheriff says while first responders were providing medical attention to the stabbing victims, deputies encountered the armed man and opened fire killing him. The two stabbing victims of man and a woman were taken to a hospital where one of them died the other is in stable condition, the incident occurred on Haller place in Frederick county, stay with us for more details on this unfolding story. At 7 32 now in Montgomery village investigators are still looking into what caused Sunday Night's crash of a small plane into a power transmission tower. And now we're hearing the surprisingly calm 9-1-1 calls involving the 66 year old pilot of that plane. Pilot Patrick Merkel telephoned Montgomery county 9-1-1 to say he had flown into a tower. Believe it or not, the aircraft is pinned in the tower. The pilot feared the plane could slip free from the tower's grasp and fall to earth. We can slide backwards and have absolutely nothing to protect us going down. Passenger Janet Williams pleaded for a swift rescue and the 9-1-1 call taker offered encouraging words. They're moving as fast as they can. They're going to get up to you guys. Emergency personnel checked with the crash victims by phone every 30 minutes. Particularly on WTO P news. One of the two people on board that plane has been released from the hospital the other remains hospitalized this morning. The Senate is set to vote today on legislation to protect same sex and interracial marriages, set a Democrats are moving quickly while the party still holds the majority in both chambers of Congress. The house would still have to vote on the legislation and send it to President Biden for his signature. That Bill has gained steady momentum since the Supreme Court's decision that overturned the federal right to an abortion and comments from justice clarence Thomas at the time suggesting that same sex marriage could also come under threat. Meantime, Congress has a lot to do in the coming weeks, including funding the government to avoid a shutdown. WTO peace Mitchell Miller has today on the hill. There's a lot we must do before the end of the calendar year. Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer, the Senate needs to either approve a full year omnibus spending bill or a short term spending measure by December 16th. It's also tackling a lot of other issues, including protection of same sex and interracial marriage. Millions of Americans deserve equal justice under the law. Legislation advanced on a procedural vote and supporters hope for a final vote soon. The Senate's top Republican Mitch McConnell, meanwhile, remains critical of the president's policies and two years of inflation. I'm going to push up the cost of everything from food to travel to housing to home heating and electricity. On another matter, President Biden still hopes lawmakers will approve nearly $40 billion for Ukraine. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller, WTO. The U.S. takes on Iran at the World Cup today and millions of people around the world would be watching the two longtime geopolitical foes, a battle it out on the field. Yesterday, head coach, Greg Bert halter, apologized for the U.S. soccer federation's change to the Iranian flag on a social media post, though he insisted he and his players had no say in the matter. We had no idea about

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