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Acid and that apparently is what is drying up in people's lungs and making them very sick and making them die I think of maybe even up to eight or nine people globally now so less than tide pods that people eight but there you go or the four hundred thousand die from smoking so they really the and they went after the vape industry on the hill there was a there was a hearing about vape products and they brought it invicta porter who's a vape advocate and Rashida to leave for some reason is on this this committee and she took her orders from wherever it's coming from from the tobacco industry because that was the whole point to ruin the vape industry outlaw vaping states are pulling vape the outlawing vape store are shutting down there's no more access to it yeah you can still have your jewel maybe who knows maybe it'll just convert to I quattro I don't know So she did her job was on health and so it's important that you all continue to speak truth about this because the long term effects is very dangerous especially because they have been targeted towards youth and then you almost quarter I was reading because I want to know more about you and your beliefs and I respect that we all have different abilities but you call confer converted conservative reformed Marxist are you conspiracy theorist I think my politics are entirely irrelevant to this hearing okay why were you winking at one of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle you winked because I know Glenn Grossman Oh that's what the winking did he introduced a friend of mine hey understand I didn't know what the winking was because I thought maybe there was something like a conspiracy thing going on there I think there's a conspiracy in this so I actually think people are speaking truth here and you can provide information may I may I address the truth the truth to you is very different for Jordan people in this room who do believe that children are ready for me quit smoking cigarettes quoted agent you're still smoking not smoking aw thank you thank you I'm not lying under oath please just another shit show on the hill but now I just off businesswire parable what the hell's going on there that's Russia to leapt just off the businesswire Philip Morris International Inc the makers of acoss today announced that merger listened with Altria Group Inc have ended Andre Colin to bootle epilepsy. Seo of PM I said after much deliberation that companies have agreed to focus on launching I in the US part of their mutual interest to achieve a smoke free future so the what they're doing I think is because yeah I think the jewel guys were were were suckered into this and this may be a question for you know that you and Horowitz can talk about I have the feeling that they they lured them in to then make this big stink about vaping products and under the guise of hey man we're going to acquire a U but then killed them kill them kill the company killed the whole industry will be illegal back to bathtubs everybody just to market quasi now they're tossing him a bone like you can market this because they do own they do own some acoss patent I think yeah go ahead you can market at this and then they'll buy them at a much cheaper price that's what I would predict would be next is ultra is a massive target now that has taken place so there you go this whole thing is has always been about putting the slaves back on actual tobacco products with actual horrible shit in it although much less than traditional cigarettes and the news media help them and so did the politicians good job everybody we didn't help them we didn't and but that's that's the way the system is yeah that's it it works somehow yeah so we can retire the vapours jingle because the vape wars are over and I can't wait to try it this I cost it sounds like a real word here it smells like one back oh which reminds me of Burien at the gate a movie a must see for no agenda Producers Barbarians at the gate was about the leveraged Buyout was that film Rjr Rjr Nabisco Nabisco and the whole thing fell apart because they had developed a smokeless cigarette sports you're a smokeless cigarette that actually was smokeless except when you lit with a match then it smelled like actual poop anyway it's it's a great movie to watch I think it's an HBO production actually well another controversy is now a boiling the Oh and I have three clips which I find him very entertaining it's about the latest on about Black Pete again it's why it's almost coming up on December fifth that's when when Black Pete appears in the Netherlands here's a good background or like Peterson what they're gonNA do about it because it's become a we knew this was going to happen I think we've predicted on the show that Black Pete cannot go on forever no and so they've come on with a new way of of came up with a solution centers helper in the Netherlands is known as Black Pete and we've spoken about appease on the show before and the controversies surrounding him and the helpers according to folklore black pete is a more from Spain and people dress up as him they often dob their faces with black paint and therein lies the problem many believe the Black Pete character promotes racist stereotypes there have been violent confrontations over the issue on us even sparked debates in the Dutch parliament Dwi Correspondent Stefan boss grew up in the Netherlands but this year is going to be different stuff on yes it's going to be radically different I would say I lived that you've got this clip of a ditch guy showing the is great because for the first time only beats with suit wipes will be allowed to even blamed the suit beat no longer to black beat okay yes so what I say as sort of painting your face fully block Aegis can daub yes ah though because you know traditionally Santa Claus comes down the chimney and if you come down the chimney you're going to customers so that's the thing and that is really a dramatic development because it was announced even by the national television broadcaster and today announced it for the first time only suit beats will be allowed to participate in these annual entry this year Apple Dohrn and to municipality there was saying well we are not really awaiting black beats anymore so the black beat has being banned from Apeldorn wow familiar with soot I was not up to speed on these suit pete good v not if because if the no agenda show which you know is the best podcast universe according to.

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