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Of software engineering daily can find those episodes in the show notes tammy now works at gremlin a company that does chaos engineering as a service and in this show we talked about her experiences at dropbox and how to institute chaos engineering across databases we also explored how her work at gremlin which is a smaller startup compares to dropbox and digital ocean which are large companies it was great to talk to tammy and hope to do it again in the future if you are on call and you get paged at two am are you sure you have all the data you need at your fingertips are you worried that you're going to be surprised by things that you missed errors or even security vulnerabilities because you don't have the right visibility into your application you shouldn't be worried you have worked hard to build an amazing modern application for your customers even worrying over the details and dotting every i and crossing a routine you deserve an analytics tool that was built to those same standards an analytics tool that will be there for you when you need it the most sumo logic is a cloud native machine data analytic service that helps you run and secure your modern application if you are feeling the pain of managing your own log event and performance metrics data checkout sumo logic dot com slash s e daily even if you have your tools already it's worth checking out sumo logic and seeing if you can leverage your data even more effectively with real time dashboards and monitoring and improved observability to improve the up time of your application and keep your day to day runtime more secure checkout sumo logic dot com slash s e daily for a free thirty day trial of sumo logic find out how sumo logic improve your productivity in your application observability whenever you run your applications that's sumo logic dot com slash se daily thank you to sumo logic for being a sponsor of software engineering daily.

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