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There's the i don't know we'll see if there's no word yet paid merrill st in number her at the golden globe's with her trump meshing speak now for hurts the right thing to do because i listen to maybe the greatest actress but what she comes out to speak at a show but you got to admit as much as you admirers and actress she's possibly the most boring human being on the face of the earth i mean what a shift to say nothing to just boring so but coming out make him as trump bashing jokes and all that it gives or some some personality it gives are you know some edge there so that's why she didn't now for the oscar is he's going to show up she so i should know gown somewhere that she loved and she called up chanel carle under fell to hold anderson us to love this guy don't but i would need a couple things changed on this will will we can change it for you we can altered for you she so that's great and so they went to work for started that this up very expensive down the stood customize and altering it then they get the phone call from the merle st people kind of explaining to should they all that not only are they going to pay for it but they would like to be paid picks but they big paycheck from chanel to where the guy and all karl longer felled who doesn't the business who's him international figure way beyond merrill st said no we don't to go get again somewhere else good for him good for him although at last report merle steep has found people that will pay him or to wear down well one of their downs you know you're going to start to negotiate your to try to handle a clothing system you can't really do that with some people do that but no magic going the store saying you don't have a trade to meet aware there's outta here only merrill strip merrill cheap that's are new name hey we got less a ton will get to robert de niro fighting with the wife will get two more on mayor de blasio more on donald trump over monday to get to that crazy connecticut governor malloy.

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