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You i know you know you sda barvest progress report came out yesterday where eighty percent on on corn which is right at two weeks behind schedule and in i think were 26 percent on beans and that's that's by week behind schedule so we're definitely experiencing delays because of this weather but you know looks like this week i think we're going to get to dry out a little bit maybe into the weekend have some more rain but uh you know guys will be go on hard when they can yeah you know we waited all summer for rain and and now we finally get it we get it seems like every three days right but i i will say that uh with the uh these hybrids the tech and wait wait wait for water they also seemed to be able to shed moisture pretty quick as well as seems to be in you know that again at lateseason moisture at some folks got there waiting for seems to the park things backup yeah again will always be curious to see how those yields actually pan out on interested here today to see what we see in and you know i know that the as those numbers role in it'll tell that story what we're gonna get out in field here but let's do samah coffee shop but talk with a little bit talk about cambe what do you know no wi different from when we talk to you last yeah really again waiting for that the full picture to come into view in debulik we've talked about the past and like we just talked about with yields you know one of the big questions i think is what did we see from a yield standpoint in fields that had evidence of a day cambe adrift incident uh again now is it it does tell us of a more that picture not that that's okay it you know even if you had no yield impact it's we still need to do better in terms of keeping product where it's where it's applied uh i think uh you know we we know that we can do something stregic eishin in outreach this winter with the applicator let's one thing that will happen regardless.

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