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Is about an extraordinary opportunity. It's an opportunity to not only make more money increase what you make. But I believe this is an opportunity to change your life. It's an opportunity that you have at your fingertips. And I can say that because all you gotta do is call the toll free number 888 6468787 and you'll have a chance to participate in what I believe to be the best opportunity I've seen. I'm 49 years old, and I've seen everything from network marketing on down the line. But this is the opportunity and anybody can get involved. I've got Michael with me here, and he's going to share with you in detail what it is, we do A Michael Hey, John thinks you know, First of all, I don't want anybody to get scared off or intimidated when I talk about what we do if you've never experienced trading Don't be scared off. This is a Zizi is a 123 process. What we do is we trade one product on the market. And again, it's an easy 1 to 3 process that our mentor instructs, and the software instructs. We trade one product. It's called the E many future It's on the S and P 500. What's nice about the many future is it's traded in both directions, so when the market is moving up, we're making trades. When the software tells us to, and when it's going down, we make money. And trade, So we actually don't care what the actual result of the day is. Whether the market is up or down. We make money. Either way, we get to capitalize on all types of markets and all types of market conditions. No. This week for us was just another typical week. You know all weeks or good for us, but in particular yesterday was very, very good. And all we do is follow the instructions that the software gives us. And like I said before the software's presented on a very basic level, it's color coded, and it's only two colors. So it's easier than looking at a street light. A streetlight is three colors. Right? That's right. That's right. This is only two colors. It's blue and it's green. The green light is going up and the blue light is going down. So it tells us exactly when to get into a trade, and when they exit a trade, there is no thinking, and that's what I love about this. There's no thinking about the trade itself. The software tells you when to get in and when to get out, and it's phenomenally accurate. It's for all types of people experienced and not experienced. We've got people in the group. Just heard the radio show several months ago. They called us They had never even heard of day trading or the fact that they could make money doing it from home. And now they're in the group and They're making more money than they ever thought they would ever make. It's truly a phenomenal thing in what we do, You know, it's kind of amazing in the fact And even to this day, I sometimes sit here and I chuckled him myself. But I realize that All I'm doing is listening to my mentor. Tell me toe when to get into a trade, and the software tells me when to get in as well and I click on the mouse on my computer and I make money. I mean, I made the other day I had a really big day and I only clicked on my mouse three times. You know, I always joke. It's so easy. I'm not at risk of pulling a muster muscle in my finger. And I know you know, we laugh about that How easy it is, but this is a fact, folks. Um, we're trying to appeal to the average person. You know, there's there's a lot of people out there listening that that like they're J. O. B. And then there's a lot of people out there, listening that, frankly hate their jail, Beon and maybe some people in the middle My point of view is this If you could make the money you're making now at your J. O B and instead work two hours a day from home. Would you make that change? I think you probably would. You know, I used to work for a large corporation and my normal day was 12 hours. And maybe that's a little bit more than what the average person works. But Let's say you're working eight or nine hours. If you could trade in eight hours for two hours and just make the same amount of money you're making today Would you make that trade And I think for most people, the answer is yes. And you know the second question to follow that up is then what are you going to do with all that extra time that you just gained Well, The fact is, it's a life changing thing. You would be able to do something else productive. Spend more time with your family or utilize that time. Any way you want to. So this opportunity is potentially life changing to anybody that is working, and I realized that there are some people that are already in control of their schedule or they're ours. But I'm telling you, this is an easy way to just put in a couple of hours a day and make a full time or or more than a full time income. You know, the great thing John to is There's no limit. There is no end cap here on how much you could make. You can keep going and going and progressively as you get better, you can make more and more money. But you know the main message we want to get across is this is for that average person That's putting in that long day. And I used to be that guy. I used to work six days a week, and when I was off on Sunday, I was so tired. My kids were like you better not better. Not bother. Dad. It's his only day off. You know, And now now it's like I've been in heaven for a few years and I actually.

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