A new story from Growth Experts with Dennis Brown


Those commerce those customers 'cause you're having real life conversations with not just prospects or network, but actual people that are paying you and. Expecting you to deliver. So those first few customers in any business are always super exciting and those are the customers that if you listen and you pay attention, you can learn the most from to parlay one customer into five customers into fifty customers, right? So yeah, I think that's a really important state. So awesome that's number four. What's number five number five? Is is in the real estate space buying your next few deals like you said, Dennis may be when you when you're out there and other business acquiring more customers, it's all about the fulfillment. Now it's time to fulfill in your product. Right? You're going through your customer journey and you're getting more you're signing where people up you're buying more deals all of. A sudden for us we hired our resident managers. We didn't have enough of a portfolio to say, okay, we're gonNA hire full time. It's like in the between phase you're not big enough to start scaling up but you're working out you W job and it's like, okay I need a little bit more money to quit not there yet. It's uncomfortable because you. See the light at the end of the tunnel. The light is there, but you like a long way to go I mean only got a of deals here. So for us all the sudden, we started dedicating more time to real estate and we started hating our jobs even more because it's like that I can taste it. I can see it but it's okay. This is a fun phase because like everything is new you still in your, you don't have those limiting beliefs as much as you do when you start getting into a job and it's it's really positive I. really enjoyed this phase what I ended up doing at the restaurant I said to myself and this is where entrepreneurs I think a lot of them get it wrong they to the INSTAGRAM era may say you've got to quit your job. You've got to burn the ships you gotta go fulltime I didn't do that I had six kids I couldn't just leave the restaurant leave my brother. Hanging in the wind I had sixty units myself October of two, thousand, Fifteen, I'm GonNa Leave Real Restaurant during the week I'm working in real estate Monday through Friday I'm.

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