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Sure shot. One which extends two feet to reduce bending over and it's protective shield to help contain the spray. It kills existing weeds to the roof. So they don't come back which means instead of thinking about weeds. You can think about whatever you want to think about like unicycles or barbecue spare ribs or what goes through a person's mind when they look at a newborn baby and decide to name named chester. The roundup brand think about we could think about when you're not thinking about weeds. Always read and follow pesticide label directions. Welcome back to the seventy five. I am your org ocho he. Here's your seven five two super bowl champion college hall of famer the one in la. Tony casillas. it's tuesday. June twenty second. Two thousand twenty one. After somebody was spending last week off vacationing. We are bag to see what up under a good i You ever heard the old saying that you a vacation from the vacation. I've been there. Is that how well on back. I have gone back to the norm. I got back last week. And as you alluded to winter mexico celebrate my twins twenty first birthday only you can imagine what twenty one year olds do and have a great time and it was. It was a great time. But when i got back i'm like okay. I don't have the curse montezuma which is good because the last the mexico. I had that i know jam. I too much information but after the ads like okay i decided to rest up a little bit but i i'm back to normal now and i'm thanks for asking me about that. Yeah i actually When i was seeing as you were sharing on social media i had thought I say me feel old. That just made me feel a certain type of way sat word second waste second made you feel i mean i turned twenty one ten years ago so i mean puts a little bit in perspective but but but the thought i had was. We started this show three years ago in two thousand eighteen and so thought was like man. I remember back when we were doing this. Show tony was talking about them. Getting ready to go off to college and everything and now you know like now. They're turning twenty one before you know. We're going to bleak. It's going to be graduation time. They're going to be out in corporate america getting their on jobs and they're going to be taking you on vacations with their own money. I mean in the that's all good and and back to you at the notion of starting to show. It's hard to believe it's been three years. I'm just glad that we're able to continue doing than having so much fun going. But yeah that kind of puts in perspective i. I had not thought about that. But just the thing about when kids are twenty one three four five year. Increments is a lot difference of big chains in those years totally. Well we are going to get into some cowboys players that we need to have a big two thousand and twenty one shortly before we do something else i post about. Johnny was a jersey. You're pretty pumped to get on monday. Yeah i was very fortunate. I have an opportunity and very fortunate to buy by in a lot of golf. Terms shared a golf tournament singer. Michael finley that people remember the tight end for the green bay. Packers had.

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