Joe Casey, W. M., Michael Bloomberg discussed on Hugh Hewitt


Merry last night marking their ballots just after midnight Joe Casey one of five voters told W. M. you are he had several issues in mind when he marked his I'd say the most important issues for health care climate change and also can control the results were bit surprising Michael Bloomberg who wasn't even on the ballot got three write in votes to democratic one Republican Bernie Sanders and people to judge each got a vote polls close at seven eastern time tonight the World Health Organization has convened a group of experts to fast track promising tests drugs and vaccines help slow the outbreak of the virus that recently emerged in China the virus was only identified late last year in their car no license drugs or vaccines available and experts say it could be months or even years before any approved treatments for vaccines are developed the virus has infected more than forty two thousand people globally killed over one thousand with the overwhelming majority of cases in China homeland security is top of mind in the house this week Monday the house voted on several bills related to homeland security spending including legislation addressing the needs of children during emergencies Democrat representatives she tore as small of New Mexico introduced a bill to the floor I rise in strong support of HR twenty nine thirty to the homeland security for children act Texas Republican Daniel Crenshaw share the bills details such a station seeks to ensure that the needs of children one of our most vulnerable populations are considered and department of homeland security planning that bill and several others passed this week the house a mark of bills on Navajo water rights in Utah and hold several committee hearings pretty Bennett reporting from Capitol Hill Britain's conservative government set will prove the contentious.

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