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Great grant long ago great quote for mark davis out loud say this was this is a big effing de leon rice without is is this is how you introduce a yukos his coach with those words only the raiders would so great yeah but they're going to be the oakland raiders for what at one more years to use odd john bruton has some is getting ten years and ten million dollars and he said believe me if i lose you know you i won't be here for ten years ten years in a hundred million yamaha's ten million each year right so that's why you take a job like this he business businesses slick mickey deposit he's fifty four years old and any probably i'm guessing that he said to himself you know if i wait a few more years i might not get the ten years in that i think i wanna get in so this is the right time and do it it's the right place to do it or everything works out for him to do it there and john bruton to be fair jongkeun say foreign coach and he got his team in oakland got to the super bowl after he left the next year and he went to tampa bay and he wanted he took tony dungy steam in one and bill callahan took his team and lost him his foreign coach but he's not bill bellichik i mean he's like he's ten over you know i mean he's not iranian over right right but he's got great energy and if you're gonna move and you're going to move to las vegas and you're competing against a lot of people who sell out shows every single night you have to have a wow factor and he's a while he's a celebrity coach there's a he's the john madden type if john that never went back and coach and he never no he never did but you'd i think you're right you evaluated this ages relatively young ever gonna to do it again and he's also say coaches six years he could get back in the booth in 100 a second reason he also said i wanted to ask you guys met this he said that his time in the booth would make him a better coach how do you figure that well because i think.

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