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So my friend lori is at the same friend lori because i wrote down laurie again she lost her cat and she was very see that cat by the way they move some things forth but you know i was in beats visiting place the boring might have been busy and i was thinking what wore the cowboy cure spirits up snooty with party she wanted to go to forty oh can get tom i was going to ask you know what i'll text him i'll text him because he goes you go okay i was just trying to friend do you remember the sit bethany public through over time i mean tell me it's not about tom reminds like this why saw thuan every single day i was down weren't what time i do i couldn't stop seeing everywhere i followed him he would be in so i'm every and she's just like fuse bread rolls falling out of her mouth crumbs everywhere and ramona don't even eat a great callback remote land telling victoria to chew with their mouth closed ramona bread baskets from other tables just to do or struggling well laurie hopefully they'll be so disgusted by the amount of carbs i just put in my face all stop asking me questions so this is where like ramona's a foam okays with i love the lou anna's traveling and learning things like you know yeah 'cause we just heard this term and she thinks it's like a legitimate mental illness he's like she is a firm okay so sometimes you just have to forgive her place our relationship in front of her foam that's what firm os du promos to try i learned about it when i was locked up so yeah beth is like wait you didn't you didn't you thought you thought tom he didn't take the win i mean out of caroline no have to do that what wouldn't have you thought dennis text me about i i don't think i actually don't think raimondo under any obligation detects lou and i also don't i understand her if she was like she brought it up hear this right now you know regardless book we can pretend you didn't even vite me to your wedding hey drew t whatever she said we're all the way ramona's absolutely correct i'm sorry but you come to my wedding that's too much trauma also ramona was fucking guy when you started aiding him there's like so here here we love she never does anything wrong no bit you started dating when ramona was dating him and stolen then didn't even invite ramona who moment to it everybody's wrong i don't know what i feel luanne goes what a trader ramona makes benedict arnold look like betsy ross i'm like oh i was it's like i'm literally dumber than i thought and i don't have a very high paid enough myself i knew i was dumb she makes general cornwallis look like lafayette's yes that's in hamilton general carmo code look i mean i don't even i can't even say anything about i'm like what are you talking about eggs band x eggs i was like remind yourself you told him eighth lower joke be proud ramona's like okay i'm not gonna win this she's like you know what what bad call i shouldn't have done it sorry bad call borey needed done it and i said okay well the woman i was there for lewin's non inviting feelings head of laurie and missing ramona shroud just becomes like stopping traffic she's like so friends they go home and cheap ass onea's just stealing shit off the wall okay taking the fruit baskets a ham sandwiches cares but the gift baskets and bethany is wasted so she's like nice and fun what what are the odds by the way that sonia's next like line of shoes can be called the mayflower collection it's just like all the soul and mayflower merge she's just putting on her shoes so these have everyone else's like so they go to bed so the next morning so bethany is like it's like the post show report so bethany is like ramada just parson parson telecomm person and this me me killer brockton killer noone noone chasing jason hoppy bitch okay even mario got laid more than jason hoppy ramona's like we're.

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