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Yeah. Oh, that's funny. Hey, I forgot the pizza shirt shows got the register. If you look hard enough, I'm sure. You'll see Joe. Sure, you know, at some point right? Alex verduzco were 99.9. Bob To share Roman retains of edge. Can't beat him with which other wrestlers, currently built strong, enough to beat Roman. I can't think of anyone. Nobody the rock face turn for wrong cuz he has his number. Yeah, I guess. Yes. But even that it's like, you've already been here. Yep. Jason dearen. Are we back to separate SmackDown and Raw podcast or is this just a one-off to celebrate crowds coming back? Just so you're a little, a little zombie shut, your mouth? No, we're not going to do some act in every week, but many be, I didn't know you wanted to do a Smackdown podcast by yourself off, but maybe, I don't know. We'll see. Like, certainly not every fucking week, but maybe before the pay-per-views. We'll see how, you know, maybe it's possible. But yeah, that is zoom off for fan questions. Yeah, so it is time for money in the bank prediction. Here we go. Trying to get my title back, and I've got some crazy shit on here. Well, good job. I'm glad. All right, first, we have the smackdown Tag Team Championships, Raymond, domenech Mysterio versus The Usos. I've got the Usos. I also have the Usos a job. So page it shows. Yeah, J pins. R a j pins. Dom, I have a JCPenney re how many people interfere 000 right? That was easy. Yeah, raw Tag Team Championships. AJ Styles. No mas versus the Viking, Raiders. I've got a j. No mas. I've got the Raiders here while you were lying when you said you had some crazy shit. Yeah, cuz they've hinted that almost in Styles or like just done it going to break up. Yeah. Maybe I got styles of them. Mosques I got a j pinning. Eric I've got a j pinning Ivar. I've got I've our page aging and how many people interfere 0-0 raw Women's Championship Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair. I've got Charlotte Flair, I've got flare a flare off. Flare sweep pin submission. What do you got going with pin on this one? I'm going to be another DQ I'm dealing with other. You gonna DQ? Yeah. Another one. I'm going to say pin. I think she wins it here. Yeah. How many people? Interfere 000 and does the winner get cashed in on? No, no they knew Universal chip. You're doing with paint on that. Yeah, yeah. She does a great. Maybe she doesn't, she it's natural selection, okay? Or Ripley wins? Then I get two points for the pin Charter. Probably rolls her up. Yeah, maybe Universal Championship, Roman Reigns vs. Edge. If you pick Edge and you get it right, you get to win the whole title. Anyone any takers? No. Oh no, of course not Roman Reigns all across the board or yep. What do you got submission pin? Goes off sub. How many people interfere one? I went one. One of the uses just one job. I got both Usos, okay, and does the winner. Get cashed in on, oh God, no, no job. New then we got the w e Championship Bobby Lashley versus Kofi. Kingston anyone have the balls actually? I've got Lashley. No balls Lashley across. We'd none of our balls up in submission other Sub sub submission. How many people interfere one to I have to as well and does the winner get cashed in on? No, no. I'm I'm going to say yes for the hell of it. Okay. Just for the fun of it. Sure. All right, then we got the women's money in the bank. We got silly navega. Oscar Naomi, Alexa Bliss. Nikki. Ash Liv Morgan tell you, n sameena, pretty. Got I've got live, I'm going with my heart. I must a clue stick with live. I looked at their names. I'm like, who else would win this? Yeah. Oh God. No, not again. Salinas to Quick back and they've already buried her Natalia to me. It's the only, it can only Nicky's. The only other name, I could see. Winning this thing was, but right, if it's gotta be dead. Yes, is her moment don't fuck this shit up, right? Don't fuck this up. I won't forgive you, right? How many people interfere 0-0 first jump off a ladder. Nikki Vega. I got Nikita, she's doing the superhero thing. Yeah. Does anyone hang from the case? Yeah, no, or any other weapons used? Sure, I'm going to say no. On this one. I'm going to say, no, as well good. I got the men's money in the bank. Kevin Owens Drew McIntyre, riddle, Ricochet Johnny, drip, drip biggie King Nakamura and Seth Rollins like they're okay. If Heaven's one, I wouldn't be surprised Drew McIntyre even riddle. I wouldn't be that surprised like the only. Well, three, I couldn't see Ricochet Morrison or Nakamura winning know. But any the other Five Guys? For sure? I would be shocked know. Yeah, you guys got I got biggie. Dammit, I also have Biggie Biggie. Okay, okay, yeah. How many people interfere? I don't know, I gotta read my, I got home and just one who's your one. Boobs boobs, Randy Orton, Debbie, great interesting summer. I also think there's a chance, I don't know. Well, I'll talk about this later but no later. First to jump off a ladder Morrison Ricochet. Sure I got Ricochet. Does anyone hang from the case? No, yes I got. No, I don't think they they don't take off. Yeah cuz now everything's of coat. Hanger ricochets you know fifty pounds. Don't even know if I should put it on here anymore, right. And the other weapons used to say yes here, I'm going to say stick with no and then. Does Randy Orton, help or harm riddle, if are only two options are those I'll say harm, unless they harm you could say, doesn't show For two. You want to say? No show you put no show. I don't think he shows you put harm. Eric. Yeah, Joey put help. I put harm if it harms a synchronous. Yeah, but help. Okay. I think he tries to help them and then just put you on a stick with those still doesn't work. And then like on Raw riddles like you do care about me your tag test out, awful. Well so it probably happened. Yeah, but the moment of him trying to help him would be not bad. Yeah. All right. Surprise appearance. There are so many choices. So many, so many choices. Yeah, who do you guys have? I have Sasha Banks. Okay. Yeah. I put Lesnar. I know it's not Brock Lesnar. Sasha was actually originally advertised for this show. Who cares? That's true. Yeah. So I guess it doesn't count if she shows a card off. I have Becky Lynch. I think she comes out after flare. Wins the title, okay, you know. Right? So the first time Jefferson lab. Yeah. Good trust. How many miles? How many miles or tables are broken? I got one one. I was think there's a chance like Bray Wyatt comes out and costs long live, the money. The bank, like just distracts or something. I'm Alexis are? Yeah, you have one and then my Summers. Yeah. I mean, I'm hoping there's more announce tables now that we're back, but we'll see. I got to Breaking. Okay. What's the Opening match? Pre-show doesn't count women's money in the bank. Same sweep it. Yeah. What's the main event at versus Roman bath? I put the men's, I know sometimes they don't do that. So you think it's going to be a cash campus? I don't think they're going to cash it in, so I think they put the men's last. Yeah, I've never rains Edge. I think there's a, you know, the fan theory that I've liked the most, and I would love if it happened, is if Kofi beat slash Li then right after that biggie, who won Money in the Bank earlier, Cashes in, on Kofi turns heel, right. Awesome. Be amazing. And then they have a triple threat at SummerSlam. Ya, Kofi Biggie and woods. Yeah, the other each other. Oh, sorry, Goldberg's. Going to ruin every month. Always, hey Jericho and Kevin Owens were going to Main Event. WrestleMania Jericho is going to win the rumble enter.

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