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Were running. It only consumes thirty five watts. We can run that on a twelve volt and then we integrate a lithium ion power bank that that goes with the cooler. So you can. Unplugged from the grid. So to speak and have your own sort of bag of ice in your in your lithium ion to power bank and you can recharge that power rank over and over and over with the son of a little folding solar panel. Now, you don't have to resupply with ice. That's very i. mean the first thing that jumped out at me about that is well, we've got aren't we lucky? It's twenty twenty with all the other bizarreness going on hurricane season starting in a couple of weeks. So, you know it makes you think as someone who lives on a coastal town anywhere in the US these days whether it's Gulf coast or the East Coast would have you to think in terms of the what ifs and yet we've had hurricanes. We've had tropical storms. We've had power issues and one of the first things everyone understandably concerned about is what do I do with the meat I just bought or what have you can can your solar cooler take care of those? Things for a couple of days waiting for power to come back. Definitely that is something we think about constantly as I mentioned living off kind of baked in a real need for a high resourcefulness you can freeze. So you can take the south in the freezer and toss it in there. You know when you're running a freezer cycle, it is going to consume battery power quicker than you know just vegetables or things that could be kept it upwards of fifty degrees Fahrenheit. You can run for days on the battery at at those warmer temps and when you get into the freezing temps, it's it's more like ours but remember you can always plug it into any twelve volt source, which is the most common port on any boat car RV pretty much made since the nineteen fifties or you can plug it into acu when it's available could comes with an atheist after plug into a wall. Expected. Know. Exactly. That's what it sounds like and the good thing. I. Guess if there is a good thing about post hurricane anything, you get plenty of sunshine usually.

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