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One hundred percent deposit match bonus for the live casino at bet. The sl. It's only a game on till you bet it Monday Thursday format here with the vendors box as you know, coming up after the weekend. We'll have another edition of the Monday mailbag at skating tripods on Twitter or Adam at bang book dotcom via Email if you want to send in your questions for that. Also, Adam Abang book dotcom via Email if excuse me if you wanna sign up for the notes for the additions of the betters box my policies here. Big the change of seasons. And some of the allergies stuff. It's out there kind of throwing me off a little bit today. But any get out my daily picks and tips every day over at. Book dot com also are NBA series previews and game write ups for the NBA playoffs program. Michael still doing fine work in the NHL with the second round of the NHL playoffs. We've got a write up for the Kentucky oaks for the Kentucky Derby record Kentucky, Derby podcast yesterday with Brian blessing. Make sure you check Dow is a very very good segment. One of the best. I think we've ever done here on bankable radio sense. Definitely worth your time. Then tomorrow, we'll have a UFC preview for this weekend with Christian peanut record that here this afternoon. Are we'll go through today's show with our format beyond the box score then down. No pick for tonight with only two night games that like anything either one of those. Then it looked here at the weekend ahead. So it's going to look beyond the box score. And let's take a look at this. Boston Red Sox sweep of the Oakland Athletics. And Oakland's just in a complete tailspin right now and away from home in particular. They have been awful. They're pitchers are four and eleven on the road. They five eighty four ERA. They've also given up eight honored runs that art listed in those ERA calculations and also here authencity for them to old five average to ninety eight on base three. Oh, five slugging percentage over the last fourteen games. They've only hit seven home runs. It has been an absolute mess for Oakland. A lot of people did think this team was something of a regression candidate coming into the season, my favorite season win total over, of course, is on the Oakland A's. So hopefully, they get this thing figured out. But for right now. You know, their lack of starting pitching really crushing them on the road. And the fact that their offense is going in the tank, it just doesn't really help either. They've had some bullpen blow ups weight training had one in that series against Toronto Joakim story has been awful and the as really dedicated a big portion of their off-season resources. Suwalki him seora has not worked out for them. At all. Are they do have a lot of help coming from down below in the minor leagues as guys get healthier? But for right now, the guys on that twenty five man roster need to figure it out, and they are having some difficulties with that should get mad Olsen back here. Very soon. I after a broken hamate bone sideline him, but still Oakland. It's got a lot of soul-searching to do here. All with a long trip back home coming up here after this weekend series against the Pittsburgh Pirates. As far as Oakland goes or excuse me. I Boston goes what scored twenty one runs in this in these three games..

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