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You've now face last season's top two on the road and taken four points from those games apparently wish it could play in london every week they made the capital in you fortress turf moor david the others early fans having good night's out london without a doubt roth impressive performance by then talking of that newcastle sriroj west ham nil another team brought law having a good day against london side the cash roofs that is slamming villages head grows even dinner has hammas lose that third in a row goals from wholesale lou kieron blog and everyone's favorite sensible serb alex hover mitch rich he's of this as a blend of the two it's first 3pointers of the season leave dzhokhar longing for northern italy crazy joke is a battle between two of the worst run football clubs from a footballing perspective in the premier league comes to pay newcastle it lost their opening two games without scoring facing crazy dzhokhar see quivalent of a stool softener three goals he's now conceded ten strikes in two hundred seventy minutes premier league football give the people what they won't dart when start words for slap i'm belych life expectancy is a premier league manager at tatum roughly that of your average russian ambassador right now dave at huddersfield millsap hamza military as had the better of the chances but will lucky to escape the point of the defend the tommie smith cleared a rhyme bertrand header off the line in the dying embers both teams stay unbeaten through three games of you at huddersfield ahead of manchester city three thirty eight into the premier league season a widow roach beautiful terry is the second yuli promoted team.

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