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Bill Massa Rosky, and he was coming around third and kids, right? I talked to one of the You know, kid fans he called in. He said I was in that photo, you know? Yeah. So I'm wondering man effect. That guy's still out there. You know how cool it would be to talk to him? Mel days you couldn't get on the field, man. No, you probably get shot or something. Or somebody would tackle. You're sure? No doubt that you be taken off to the Who's Cal? No tell. Yes. Yeah, the handcuffed and you go down to the jail They have in every every year Ballpark, the holding cell. You're exactly right. Like the vet in Philly, Man. I passed that thing. I didn't want any part of that. But Paul Hoynes is with us from Cleveland dot com and the plain dealer Ban 55 decades Paul covering baseball. In Cleveland. Awesome. That's a long time chick when you say it like that, Yeah, parts of 55 decades, but but Hoynes he I didn't realize Hank Aaron was a huge Cleveland Browns fan. Yeah, there was that struck me is that you know, I remember. You know, I covered the Browns in the in the late seventies. You know what, with red right 88 into the eighties cardiac kids, and they gave me two or 83 was my last year. And, uh, I remember, you know, being a practice a couple of times, and then all the sudden you looked over there got watching practice. It was Hank Aaron. I think really, That's really Hank Aaron, But it turns out he was he was a huge brown, fanny. You know, it started with Marion Motley and Otto Graham and, uh, you know, he kind of went you went to the dog found, you know that he would just said he would disguise himself said that something the dog pile with the rest of the crazies there, and Cleveland crazy. And, uh, it just struck me so cool, you know? And what would he call the PR department like you had in your story and the Indians PR. And when the found raggy the guy knew it was Hank Aaron, Bobby Di Biagio. We've been and we don't work for the Indians for 40 years when he was every Friday morning. You know, Hank would call during football season, you know, and asked for an update on the Browns. You know that before the Internet, So you know, Bobby would save all the papers and the clips from the from the press and the plain dealer and in the news, Harold and give give Hank a scouting report. That is just awesome. If you you see a guy in the dog pound Hey, that looks like here, but it can't be him. Yeah. Oh, wow. But coins see, and you can follow Paul Hoynes at Hoynes E on Twitter and Man. He's just a tweeting machine here with the Cleveland Indians and professional baseball. And Hoynes e gosh, it's almost like the Indians and Red's kind of mirror one another, You know, I mean, you know, with cost savings, but still trying to be competitive. Yeah, You know, I I felt it coming with the Indians. But I thought I thought, you know the Reds were building towards something. You know, I thought they know they're putting together that pitching staff and all the sudden people start flying out of there, and it's just like in Cleveland. Should it in 18 4018. Those the Indians had 130 payroll. 130,000,136 million right now, said 37 Million. I mean, how do you win? How do you win like this? Oh, my gosh. Well and what was and what was the picture is starting rotation. Yeah. Oh, my God. You Unless unless the two years they traded power, Kleven, Jer, Uh, Carrasco and, uh And, uh, they just created Kluver and Kluver. I mean to side young winners. No barcode sound Cincinnati ones aside, young, I think Caracal, you know, had one finished fourth and Cy Young. One year and clever. You're 1 40 games that about For four years with the Indians. So I mean, if you just try to pitching left and right and they have pitching following that, which is a good thing, but I don't know how they're going to score a run ship. Yeah, uh, I went to a Browns training camp at Lakeland Community College and who was there? But Boom, boom, man. See me God short, but I didn't want to mess with the guy at all. But he was awesome. And how about the night that Bauer gets traded? Okay, Dick Williams comes down. And he lets Ah, you know the wild horse. Let him know that he's being traded. We're here. He's in the middle of a fight. Against Pittsburgh and and it's like, Oh, my God, if he sustains an injury, you know it. Zinc could be off. So yet Dick Williams talked about that just blew me away. You know, he was came down to the clubhouse and he's getting ready to, you know, like between innings and hear a fight breaks out. And with the put the pirates. Oh, you know, that's funny, because I know Chris Antonetti, the president of baseball operations with the Indians, and Mike Shernoff, GM and I think Peter was there to Terry Francona. They were watching the same thing. You know, before they had nothing before they had finalized, trader really announced that they're sitting down to watch Puig is in the middle of some brawl. I think that's what did we just do it? Yeah, that's exactly right. Oh, my goodness. Poll. Hoynes, the Cleveland Cleveland dot com and the Plain dealer man, I alerted the Lytle brothers that we were gonna hook up here tonight at 6 35 and Mike was all excited. So, man. It is so much fun speaking with you really appreciate your time, and I hope you and your family. Everybody's safe and healthy up there. All right. Okay. Thanks for having me on buddy. Take care. And I think you'll agree with me that the economy in the psyche of this nation needs baseball. Definitely. Chick. Let's get going. They still don't even know. Spring training. Come like you're right. Crazy. Oh, I know. I know. It's wild. All right, Paul. Thanks so much, brother. All right, But hey, care. You bet. Paul Hoynes phenomenal. Just absolutely phenomenal. We've got to take a break and we'll come back. This is chick Ludwig 700 wlw like McConnell here before you get into your jammies..

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