Congress, Maine, The House discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


A d minus and the only reason is not an f 'cause i'm holding out a little hope they may get there you know what together but congress has pathetically slow but you're right on judges on on obama era regular since on keeping his promises moving everything his agenda forward as he can do it without the help of congress very effective it look i am very down on the planet right now the republican bennett you know i think the idea that extra seven or eight of these republican senators are going to stop and all up repeal and replace obamacare sean i paid back the betrayal of the voters who put them into office because the promise was very clear that uh there were going to repeal obamacare and come up with some better so at patrotic fault i'm not going to trump for that nobody should really of betrayal of these republican senators and you know some of maine's maybe we walk but i want to name names because you know mitch mcconnell's four get this done and i know that he i i you here's what we argue her give us the house will get rid of obamacare give us the senate will we get rid of obamacare given the housesenate white house will get rid of obamacare give us the housesenate and sixty votes no i'm sorry i can't take it anymore yeah a mystery to me for example why freemarket guys like rand paul who's a friend of mine and mike lee is a friend of mine are oregon are okay i don't understand this dean heller from nevada i don't understand it uh others have been railing against obamacare for years a shelly or a peter west virginia against government control of healthcare that that i yes garretta the perfect has become the enemy of the good but if i'm less charitable sean i think there's a lot of showboating as i say a trail of the republicans who voted the men in the first place and it's damaging the.

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