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The boycott future enshrinement ceremonies if they are not compensated with healthcare after their careers. With a yearly salary based on league revenue. Chris Edwards tweets in health and disability insurance absolutely salary. Why is the NFL on the hook for poor financial planning of its past president future players? The only argument I see for past players who went bankrupt due to health and disability issues. I think that's what most of the centers around is the idea that players before put in the same sort of work when it comes to playing building. And being a part of the NFL that so successful now, but Warren is compensated financially as players are in this day and age by any percentage by any metric and the health and safety ramifications or just as much if not more than when health and safety wasn't as much of a priority wasn't studied as well. And so these guys coming to look and collect on that doing it in a way that I think undermines their cause a bit first and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Let's go to Ron in Los Angeles quickly. Ron L A you're on first. And last what's going on? So I'll listen, I'm all pro player of all or everything you say. So my thing is what you're saying. Is you kind of a? Jerry Rice, Eric Dickerson, and at the top of the segment used a Kurt Warner Andrey writes drilling the point about Jerry Rice bacon at Jerry right for Eric Dickerson. Not a Kurt Warner versus occur water and Jay white versus Eric Dickerson. I mean, it was Kurt Warner Jerry Rice and a number of other former players like I'm pretty sure my dad. Mike Golic senior who you're going to hear on golick and wingo coming up had a pretty strong reaction to this as well. Which is the same across the board for a lot of these guys. Everyone knows it's not Jerry Rice versus Eric Dickerson. And I said the names Jerry Rice and Kurt Warner being I won't say aligned against this. But at the same time, speaking out not the same message as Eric Dickerson. Sorta undermines the cause right away in a lot of this. You know, everyone knows it's Jerry Rice versus Eric Dickerson thing. But it's a lot of people apparently looking at Eric Dickerson like we weren't consulted in the way that your reporting with. This some sort of hall of famers board that seemed to be what both hurt Warner and Jerry Rice, we're disputing was that they were a part of some hall of famers board or that they weren't somehow on board for health insurance. And all this for all players, not just a hall of famers now right now, it's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones. Best networks, no contracts. We'll get back to that. But we also had an interesting develop development taking place yesterday. In O'Connor, ESPN, senior writer got book book chronicling the New England. Patriots of all things that we heard a lot about New England this off season a lot of things going on behind closed doors there and a lot of them. You know, Seth wicker sham wrote that great piece a year ago about a lot of the things going on behind closed doors and Connor sort of expanded upon one of the things that became the main subject the main storyline through the off season which was the friction between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, which seemed to be Oduh. But we get a little further explanations. He joined Scott van pelt last night on sports center. I think the first thing Scott, it's remarkable. It took seventeen eighteen years for any fracture to come into public view. Right. It's a testament to them really that it didn't happen for so long. But once check drafted Garoppolo in two thousand fourteen and said that night he cited Tom's aids contract status and said I'd rather be early late at this position. It made it inevitable, and it happened last year are very onset wicker, Shan, did a masterful job. Aided portraying the escalating tension between those two it came down to garoppolos presence and also seventeen eighteen years of being coats in an unforgiving way by ballot. Check war Brady down. And then of course, the way ballot. Check marginalized, Alex Guerrero, his business partner in life coach, and it all sort of came together to represent a last draw. I was told by a number of sources that as late as late March. Brady wasn't sure he was gonna play again for ballot. Check first and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app, and that was the source of a lot of the controversy surrounding this patriots offseason. And I'll always go back to it makes an overwhelming amount of sense, right? If you look at any great company any great business any great tandem. How're whatever you wanna look anything that successful eventually. Feeds enough of the human ego because we all want to feel validated. We all want credit for what we believe. We're doing. That's one of the most interesting things about Golden State to me is Golden State. We hear about all this. Well, you know, you have no idea what's going on behind closed doors here. We don't know what it looks like we're sold on the outside this selfless brand of basketball, a guy like Kevin Durant coming over and agreeing to play for less and do all these things in order for the team to have success. And we wonder all right. What takes down Golden State and posited this yesterday when I was doing sportscenter on Snapchat, which is could just personal greed could those very human emotions just play into this. After a while. I don't feel like I'm getting enough credit for the thing that we're doing well. And that was to me always something that may just a human level of sense with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, which is at some point. Both of these guys are considered maybe the greatest to do their specific job in the NFL. And yet we always have this. Conversation is Brady of product of ballot. Check system. Bella check couldn't do it in Cleveland without Tom Brady before round and round. We go not understanding that these things are kind of symbiotic at the end of the day. Now one thing that maybe a vote for the favor of the relationship going all the way back to the beginning was Bella checks preference to Tom Brady early on in their careers together. Bellichik never really believed all that much in Bledsoe. And I know from talking to people around him back then now they didn't want him to get hurt. Certainly it wasn't as if the coaching staff and people in the front office where rooting for anything like that. But they were trying to get Tom Brady under- center without offending. And creating a real problem with the owner just gave a hundred million dollars to Drew Bledsoe. As the franchise player new stadium in the making. And that was the franchise player in the face of the New England Patriots. But they really liked Brady when he got a chance to play and Bill felt that there was something there that Brady had that it factor. He was not. Going to go away from that. When Bledsoe got healthy. According to the article on ESPN dot com Brady started worrying for his job almost immediately. After Bella check cited his age contract status and the coaches own desire to be early rather than late to that position. When they drafted Garoppolo in two thousand fourteen even more interesting how about this quote from Tom. Brady's sister Brady and Bella had been reduced to a staredown didn't surprise those in the quarterbacks camp. According to the book felt like Bella check would push him out to berry. Brady's sister said quote, Bella check will definitely do to him someday. What the colts did to Peyton Manning? So if we're to believe that it makes it even more impressive to the patriots are going to lock it down. When we get to the season every year and make this work straight talk wireless nationwide. Coverage on America's largest most dependable four G L T networks coming up next. No Levy on. And no Antonio the hell's going on in Pittsburgh, first and last on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. It's.

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