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And that's kind of like what broke them really know. They're big. Yeah. And so we were on tour together for like a year and a half, so fun. Oh, so last. You're right. What do I think by the end? Like once this tour blows up off the vine tour. We're going to get Jonas brothers and Miley to open for me. Oh my gosh. Those are the questions because these little Friday episodes are fun because they can just be really quick and interactive with the vinyls in just a little ole some some to end your week. So here's some questions from and we'll both answer them. Sure. See what happens Adams Chelsea swan strum asks what is something you like to do that other people would probably considered weird if they knew which is funny. Okay. So I asked Jason 'cause I couldn't think of anything. I'm like, what do I do this weird that I enjoy the other people like would would think is weird? And he said being a pro appro, call of duty gamer, and I said, they already know that he said you enjoy doing laundry is that weird. I like doing the laundry. I love it. I find it there too. Okay. Not weird. You enjoy cleaning dishes that I don't like. I'm just kind of like. Little I'm not a huge neat freak. But I just like a messy kitchen one time. I got ants in my kitchen really paranoid about them. He said you with pride enjoy wearing cheap crazy things. And be like. Yeah. My purse four dollars cool. That's true. I don't like fancy bag. I don't think people think that's weird though. I think that's pretty average Otis right? That I like four dollar purses from PayLess most people in in in this country, and we're in Canada, most people. Yeah. Okay. The average American or maybe how much did your little fanny pack cost. Listen, I don't want to talk about that Livia drags me on her podcast for liking fashion. And you know, what I'm over it? I'm not trying to drag you genuinely curious you wanted my tote bag today Edwards Atlanta back. Yeah. I really did Balenciaga baby. Aka tissues closet. Can I go shopping into his for free? That's what I do. Okay..

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