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The tails on this podcast are dark sometimes scary and full of adult themes as a warning the original story of the two brothers and the forty nine. Dragons contains depictions of mutilation and suicidal idea. Please exercise caution for children under thirteen. If you or someone you love is struggling with suicidal thoughts or the impulse to self harm. Please seek help. The united states national suicide prevention hotline is one eight hundred two seven three eight two five five artemis hands ached for meeting dough all day even though she was a young mother. Her face was framed by worry. Lines she place the last loaf on a shelf to rise. She wiped her brow carefully making sure not to brush any flower from her hands onto her face or even the floor then. She packed up her things to go home when artemisia was halfway out. The door of voice stopped her in her tracks. You didn't wash your hands. it boomed artemisia cringed. She knew that voice it echoed in her nightmares. It was her employer. Her wealthy brother-in-law crayon artemisia turned to face him with her head bowed. I was going to wash it off when i got home. Crianza scoffed if you leave covered in flour. All of athens will think. My workers are unclean. Go wash up. Artemisia started to sob. Please crayon the flower residue is for my children. It's the only sustenance. I can afford crianza snarled so you're not only dirty your stealing from me.

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