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Harper out front. Harper Steps inside the Ark fires a jumper, No good rebound. Grab finance gains brings it the other way. Gains out to our beach drives through two defenders stripped of the ball out of bounds. Last touch Rutgers. You tell me how that pass got approved. Look like three hands from Rutgers were there They all missed. Yeah. McConnell almost had to steal. All of these was in the Nancy. Quick release jumper. No, and the rebound gathered in by McConnell off the baker had a Harper pulls up 43 No good. Rebound on each And now, But he's almost had his pass stolen by McConnell. But he got it back, and then he gets fouled. Wave off the basket, which was good bye. All these but won't count just came through it away, really just bounce back to him. He's got the throw the head back through all the file. He's got that one down now. Our McConnell his second easy to see why Rutgers leads the big tenants steals a game. Here's a cop in the quarter. Johnson away from the basket guard him. He tries to feed a bounce in the young, and it's kicked away by Miles Johnson out of bounds. Young had the mismatch inside because Johnson switched out on top. They're very aware of cops. Three point ability. They they don't allow him a whole lot of open looks. Miller in the first meeting was one of six from three and so far today he's one of five. Boy for the Wildcats games goes out. On the side. They were calling underneath out of bounds play, they gotta readjust. Hop will throw it in right sideline. Fires it into Buie, played by Jacob younger, check back hand off bodies high left in front of his coach, but he's driving in the lane is shot blocked by Harper and taken by Johnson, who's bringing the ball down the floor. Not very gracefully by the way, but wisely leaves it from okay here. There's more okay. He kills the dribble feet. Johnson out of the circle back to Harper. Surrounds. It left a mark a cop on him lob mid post left, Johnson faces the basket works his way into the paint. They doubled down Sends it back out to young shot clock it four young straight on three air ball out of bounds. Northwestern ball. That was good defense, Jason. He's dug in May and pick up it up and then closed out on his man made him take a Shot clock three. Bully will bring the ball up. 41 29 Rutgers Sweet ticked towards the 16 minute mark. Second half. There is to it. Works his way right down the paint. Drops it off to Nance puts it on the deck. Throws up a shot over the rim. No good. Rebounded. My Harper off the young had the baker There is stepped on the sideline. Yeah. Turn over Rutgers. Time out. 15 51 remaining. Did you know that right now? Geico is offering an extra 15% credit.

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