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Time you know fan goria magazine was the big thing and john dodds used to take me into new york and we would go to the offices and i met the editors at the time carrio quinn and of bob martin and you know they kinda got a kick outta me 'cause i was sort of really precocious you know sixteen year knew everything about har movies and they actually let me write articles about making the film and then i actually wrote a couple of scenes that dialogue so the movie came out front we made it like over couple years it finally came out in nineteen eighty three i was eighteen it played in new york on forty second street it was awesome before was disneyland real real grind house and i got my first movie credit a dishes dialogue and i got my first byline and fangoria i mean i was just i couldn't believe this i mean i you know year and graduating high school so then with this i heard about nyu film school so i got into nyu film school i already have a movie under my belt and and you know all this stuff is happening and then at that very same time it was like one of the worst things in the world kiss took off their makeup and i can't tell you i mean it was too you know we've done over it but i could say for a fan i mean you know in nineteen when kissed off their makeup it was like santa claus taking off his beard and it was just your dad or superman taking off his batman taking off his cow and it was like the attache gym teacher like my superhero but but side of that was that they were reintroducing themselves to the fans and they started doing record store pierces which they never did anything like that so here's my big moment kiss is coming to sam goody's record store in new york and i i just knew this is momentous i knew like somehow i gotta turn this to second encounter with kiss into my dreams the culmination of my dreams someone had told me right read somewhere in a magazine that if you ever meet a celebrity rockstar a movie star or somebody that you.

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