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Your life's purpose. So clearly this is something that we are all searching for, and I think it's simple. I think we have to wake up every day and say, how can I serve? What do I have. Have, you know, I'm pretty good at baking. I'm pretty good at teaching. You know. I'm pretty good at Pino. How can I use whatever is in there to serve. And I do believe if you have the urge to do something, it wouldn't be put there unless it was ultimately going to lead you to where you're supposed to be. So follow it. It's true, follow your bliss, but part of it's going to mean you're going to be uncomfortable right part of it's going to mean you're actually going to have to face the fact that maybe you're not completely a piece with exactly how things are now. One of the things that I think gets in the way. I think the biggest thing is this whole lie that we tell ourselves all the time. And the lies is that we tell people like, I'm fine. Everything's great. Everything's fine. You. You run into somebody in the grocery store. Haven't seen any well, how's everything? Good. Everything's great. Now, this is what we do is what everyone says. If you check and scroll through your tax, this is everybody's patented answer, right? So why do we do this? Why do we tell ourselves? We're. Fine. So if you've been on the planet for more than a decade, if you've been on the planet for a little while you experienced heartbreak, you've experienced disappointment. You've been through stuff, it's hard, right? We've all been through really big stuff and so we get this brilliant idea and we tell ourselves, you know what? I know what I'm gonna do if I wanna void being hurt, if I want to avoid having my heart broken. I know what I'm gonna do. I won't want anything. I won't need anything. I won't want something better, then I won't be hurt if I don't get it. It's really brilliant as a tactic to keep yourself from feeling the pain. It takes so much courage to really let yourself want what you want. I mean, how many of us watched those movies? There's been so many of them like in the eighties, I was watching all these great movies and remember in pretty in pink watching how the I like hour and fifteen. Minutes of that movie. You watch painfully how Jon Cryer he doesn't wanna tell Molly ringwald that he's in love with her because he's so frayed that if he tells her he's going to get rejected. And finally at the end of the movie, he tells her, you know what? I'm in love with you and she doesn't feel the same way, but he's servive 's it..

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