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The way the group can haul that is is is probably evolutionary old. An embedded in human system Yeah I like to look at these phases of group or community practice as asynchronous transformation of the individual. So it's a synchronous transformation. But every but it's coursing through everybody right so If you if you bleed out the time you could conceivably experience as a simultaneous transformation but it seems to I have a synchronous kind of a rhythm to it and I think that's very helpful for people because if you say you know it's a transformational circle But it has this a synchronous rhythm than people will still feel inside the circle and notice that there's different spotlights of transformation little insights happening here and there that don't necessarily land with everyone but if everyone was participating than that's off like when have shined so I think that's a claim that this were can make the brand new future thinkers members portal is now alive develop your sovereignty and self with our in depth courses get access to our weekly since making calls joined the QNA's with past podcast guests and much more become a future thinkers member today at future thinkers at org slash members. I've never really heard anyone talk specifically about the role of shadow work in group format. It seems to be and I mean the experience that we have with it is. It does seem to be quite heavily individualistic. But there's something to circling that seems to especially as people are watching something arise in each other and in themselves. It seems to point that they're a shadow material but as far as the practice of doing shadow work is that does that have a place in group group dynamic so I'm just gonNA answer by Talking about how Perhaps address shadow work. You know one of the problems with some of these practices is they. They become Like the whole notion of shadow work is already loaded. You know so then at an so what I talk about is I like to look at So.

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