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I was really excited because i was initially. I was in great. I've never read it. But i've seen the film like half a dozen times right and that was a full story listeners. Because it's out of families not anything like the books that's the first thing. The second thing is. When i started reading the novel i saw. This is great like my knowledge. A crime fiction is probably spicy but actually for me coming into in a lonely place in his first spoiler. We can't avoid it's written from the perspective of a murderer. Of what what we now call serial killer. They wouldn't have been called a serial killer at the time. And i thought okay this is this is. This is really interesting. This is written by a woman. But this is this is in the tradition of hangover square by patrick hamilton. Or it's it's like funny enough abukar talks about on that list as a couple of months ago. Mr bowling boys newspaper by donald henderson. In addition to being the catering saw me by jim thompson or deep water by patricia highsmith e water. Actually i think is closer to the or i mean. Of course the comparisons with children. Cain and hammett. Actually it's a really fascinating example of a genre noel where the author is doing what needs to do to be part of the genre wall totally turning genre. Tropes upside down and I just thought it was totally fascinating completely. Fussing and well i mean it is nobody but how can it be wall wall. Let me let me float this issue. It's a normal book. In which one of the attributes of more is the male protagonist is under threat. But in this new all the male protagonist is the threat and that that seems to me very unusual for the genre. Roy's i think something. I found really interesting. I watched so. I am the reverse of you. I've read the book three times on never seen fell and i watched films the first time two days ago and apparently dorsey. She was not cross about what they did to book. But what what's fascinating is the nfl. Humphrey bogart is. He's i oh you know. He's really sort on his violent. He's in office. Nobody on sons him and what he's trying to do in the bucket. She's trying to understand why this man kill women and in the film is on that. Shis russia stakes. He just punches people. Well you know you say that becky. I'm gonna politely but formerly disagree with you. I think the film is about male rage. That is one of the things that the film is about so dicks in the film isn't a merger but he is not a nice man he's played by humphrey bogart's but he's not a nice man right and i think the phone questions whether we should accept that behavior from people just because they're.

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